Follow the yellow brick road

What I find absolutely fascinating about the ‘powers that shouldn’t be’ is how they’re always giving us clues or inadvertently telling us what they are planning. This is because it is their belief that if they are letting us know what they’re up to they will somehow escape the Natural Law karmic consequences. They see it that if we are pre warned, or the information is there for us to see freely we are then CONSENTING  via our acquiescence. If they put it out there and we don’t react or we continue to take the bait then ultimately it is our own fault and they believe they escape any culpability. This is why we see so many references to events like 9/11 in programs like The Simpsons and movies like Back to the Future (see below clip). This is called ‘pre programming’.  It is also why you can buy food and all the chemical toxins will in fact be LISTED on the reverse of the packaging, and you have to say more fool us for continuing to buy not only their lies but their food and anything else they push onto us. There is only so long we can continue to blame these people when ultimately we are sucking all of this up, and in many cases LOVING it!

Every now and then a movie will come along which if you scratch below the surface really goes deep into aspects of this reality and how human consciousness operates, the Matrix being the most obvious case in point which explains how we are basically living in a World of enslavement and aren’t even aware of it. Neo representing the ‘Neo-Cortex’ part of the brain, which once activated results in higher thought patterns and locks into Universal consciousness so you can see pretty clearly the game for what it really is.


A movie that I find extremely interesting is ‘the Wizard of Oz’ there are some truly outstanding insights into both our own consciousness and the people we’re up against. So as Dorothy starts on her travels along the ‘yellow brick road’ the first character she encounters is the scarecrow who hasn’t got a brain. Now allegorically speaking this is telling us that if we do not engage our own brains and start to think independently (which you could argue many on this Planet are not doing) then we will go no further on our path to reach higher consciousness, so we must symbolically find our brains and start using them.

Next up is the poor old tin man who hasn’t got a heart, again if you compare this to humanity if we don’t have the heart or CARE (which is the ‘generative principle’ or the ‘G’ in the compass the Freemasonic symbol) about anything other than ourselves, then rest assured we will be staying firmly at base consciousness. Figuratively speaking without searching for the heart the tin man will also go no further.

Finally Dorothy is pounced upon by the the cowardly lion who then runs away from her little dog Toto. He has no courage, and I would say where we are at right now a good 90% of the human population lives in a constant state of fear and also lacks any courage AT ALL. Now this truly does hold us back from being our greatest versions. Courage to me is one of the most underestimated and least talked about human aspect, yet it is probably one of the most vital. Without facing our challenges or dark side head on we will continue to suffer from what I call ‘little me syndrome’ it is to be quite honest pathetic! We are powerful, creative, and loving beings, each and every one of us. We need to move out of this mindset that we can do nothing or change anything, because like the lion we will go no further.

So what these characters also represent is the REAL Holy Trinity, that is our THOUGHTS (brain) EMOTIONS (heart) and ACTION (courage) when we activate these three aspects of our consciousness we will both individually and collectively truly step into our power, and not a moment before. Yet there is still one more vital aspect and that is the adorable little dog Toto, what does he represent? Well Toto represents our INTUITION. Notice how the dog is the most silent of them all yet he leads the way. This is what we need to do, listen to that ever present guidance system that resides in all of us to lead the way. If we can do all of this we will make it to the Emerald City or higher consciousness. But what of the Emerald City? Well first of all there is a reason that the color green was chosen, and that is because it represents BALANCE, that is why we see it everywhere in Nature. By engaging all these aspects of ourselves we come into balance. The left and the right brain hemisphere, the masculine and feminine sides of ourselves, the ying and yang.

So when they finally discovered the Wizard of Oz himself, they found that actually despite his scare tactics and his deep bellows behind the curtains he was in fact a complete joke who he himself lived in fear. And friends this is what we are dealing with, an enemy that ultimately hates itself, wants to control others, and at the very core are COWARDS themselves just like the wizard. The only power they have is to keep us in a perpetual state of fear. The ultimate solution is balancing those three aspects of consciousness and realising that ultimately they are much more scared of us catching onto their game as then it loses ALL of its power, because this is a battle for peoples minds! Own your mind and help others own their, then this will all start to crumble away. the only long lasting solution is through CONSCIOUSNESS.

Tony Sayers

Love, care, courage.