Chakra and Overlay Removal Service

We have been conditioned to believe that the Chakra system is beneficial for us with much talk of how when we ‘align’ them or ‘clear’ them then we feel more balanced. Whilst this is true to an extent the chakras stop the natural flow of energy throughout the body and compartmentalise it into sections (which is why you need to keep balancing them in the first place). Once these artificial overlays are removed you have access to a natural flow of energy again hence feeling more balanced and peaceful more of the time, without the need to keep rebalancing them. During the chakra removal service, we will delve deep into other multidimensional aspects potentially holding you back and seek to remove other attachments, cords, and overlays.

To understand the manipulation of human beings this is a key issue. From a deeper point of view, we have literal parasites harnassing our energy via the chakra system. These are essentially acting as ‘plugs’ like plugs out of the Matrix,  these enable interdimensionals and negative entities to lock into us and feed on our energy and emotions. To remove them is literally to be ‘unplugged’. Many people are starting to open their eyes to this now as we discover that most of what we have learned is based on lies. We still have three main chakras that are natural our ‘dantian points’ which are located around the third eye, sacral chakra, and heart, what we are removing here are the seven artificial overlays.

This is a 1-2 hour session over Skype whereby we will remove all of these. The cost is $200. There are also other options below for remote sessions and working with animals. To proceed with the session please use the Paypal ‘buy now’ button below and include your email for contact . For further information and questions contact me directly at

chakra removal service

Hi , my name is Katherine Baynes and I met Tony Sayers, online, back in March. A friend had posted the video that Tony had made about why he removed his chakras. By the way, it is much more than removing your chakra overlays. At first, the idea of it made me quite fearful, but I was so intrigued. A little background on me. I started going and doing healing work, with a Healer, 9 years ago. I was in a very bad place . My mother had died the year before, my marriage was basically a disaster and my health was very bad. I knew nothing about healing work, at all, but I knew I was leaving this earth. Anyway, my Healer helped me stay on earth and heal myself and I am truly grateful. Nine years later, my life was better but still a mess. I knew I had a lot of work ahead of me. I was looking for help that was different than what I was already doing. I, literally, had prayed for a sign or someone to help me a few days before and BINGO, this popped up on my news feed. A friend had posted his video. I did some research and looked at every post and testimonial of Tony’s and decided to take the plunge. I was terrified and excited! I could not get Skype to work or FB video to work! I had paralyzing fear that I dealt with every day. I was in the fight or flight mode for years, throughout my marriage and after. When, I woke the next morning, after the session, I did not gasp for air as I had always done, every morning when I woke up. This happened every day before I even put my feet on the floor. Not that day and not again! I was inexplicably happy. I had not been like that since the first year of my marriage and I am not even sure I ever felt quite like that, before. I did have a week or so of some kind of detox or something where I had a headache, which isn’t uncommon for me anyway. I did express anger in the first week, which was shocking because I always suppressed my anger or cried instead. I was just releasing stuff that had been trapped in those overlays. That was new and shocking to me. The good thing is that anger cannot sit and fester anymore. I was not able to do that before. I also was the most ungrounded human on earth. I also was somewhere else, It was easier to cope with life that way. Not anymore! I am the most grounded that I have ever been. I do float away sometimes but that is my choice, whereas before, it was not. I and I am a calmer, happier and more centered person since I had the Overlays removed. I also dream happy dreams now. The dreams are so vivid and yes once in a while I have a nightmare but not often. Before the chakra removal service, I was only having nightmares for roughly 17 years. Not fun! I also have noticed that a chronic cough that I have had for months is gone. My breathing is better and I am not getting sick as often as I was. When I do, it is very short lived, whereas, before these respiratory illnesses would last weeks if not months. Removing the chakras, overlays,  and unplugging is just a tool that I have used to help me get to a place where I can start the real work on myself. I will be on this journey of self-discovery and healing for the rest of my days here on earth. I am so grateful that I was introduced to you and the chakra removal service. This has been life changing to say the least.

Chakra Removal Service by Katherine Baynes

Before I had my chakras and overlays removed one of the main problems I was having in life was the feeling of my energy being drained out of me. Even though I would have a pretty good night sleep I still felt very tired throughout my day and this would anger me very much as I didn’t know what to do about it. I also constantly had negative thoughts roaming around my mind all day and night. I constantly felt I was being attacked with negative thoughts. I also had a lot cravings for cigarettes and alcohol at then of my working week. I always felt out of balance in my everyday life with so much anger, anxiety and fear each minute of the day. When I was thinking about getting my chakras removed I felt I was being attacked more than ever but nevertheless I did decide to go ahead and get this done as I felt I had nothing to lose. I really felt that I could not live like this anymore and I knew I had to make this decision.

Since having my chakras removed this feeling of my energy being drained out of me has totally gone. I do not have any cravings for cigarettes and I have cut down alcohol by 99%. The biggest change I have noticed is that negative thoughts do not hang around. They just go away completely after a few seconds. The things that would normally upset me or make me angry don’t anymore whereas before I will hold on to these emotions for months. Most of my anxiety and fear have gone as well. I have this desire to look after my health by eating well and going to the gym regularly. I am a vegan and do not have any cravings for meat or chicken. I really feel balanced most of the time and feel connected to my higher self, nature and animals more than ever. The times I don’t feel balanced is when stuff comes up in life that is a reflection of what’s going on inside me and I know that these are things that I need to work on or to heal parts of myself. George S

Chakra Removal Service-George Sandhu