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Chakra and Overlay Removal

We have been conditioned to believe that the Chakra system is beneficial for us with much talk of how when we ‘align’ them or ‘rebalance’ them we feel more balanced. Whilst this is true to an extent the chakras stop the natural flow of energy through the body and compartmentalise it into sections, so to access the energy we have to focus on each part of the chakra system.

To understand the manipulation of human beings this is a key issue. From a deeper point of view we have literal parasites harnassing our energy via the chakra system, or as I like to call them,  ‘plugs’ like plugs out of the Matrix. To remove them is literally to be ‘unplugged’. Many people are starting to open their eyes to this now as we discover that most of what we have learnt is based in lies. Once the chakras are removed the general feeling from both myself and people who have also had them removed is one of peace, balance, less anxiety, and greater all around being. We still have three chakras that are natural, all that is happening is that the artificial overlays are being removed.

The session also involves removing other overlays for example past live overlays where we keep meeting the same people over and over again, with often difficult relationships. DNA overlay where our DNA strands have been capped so we aren’t realising our full potentials, and many others.

This is a 2 hour session whereby we will remove all of these. You will also get a free PDF of exactly what has been removed. The cost is $130. For more information and bookings contact me direct at [email protected]

Distance Reiki Healing

I am a fully trained Usui Reiki practitioner at masters level. I discovered Reiki around 3 years ago and it changed my life so much so that I decided I wanted to learn how to give treatments myself. Reiki is source energy also known as chi which calms, relaxes, and re balances the body. I no longer work with the Reiki symbols as I have come across information that these are not necessary to have the healing. For a one hour session I charge $25.

For more information and bookings please contact me direct on [email protected]