Princess Programming And The Inauthentic Woman

Princess Programming And The Inauthentic Woman Princess programming and the inauthentic woman is becoming a real problem in society, many women now are not in their true essence of care, love, nurture, and creativity but why is this? Now before I start I would like to draw attention to the reader that if [...]

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Why the Mainstream Version of the ‘Law of Attraction’ is Bullshit.

Why the Mainstream Version of the 'Law of Attraction' is Bullshit. To me at least the mainstream version of the 'Law of Attraction' is bullshit, it only paints maybe a quarter of the picture. Here is my thinking on the matter... Anyone else tired of the 'New Age' movement yet? The whole idea [...]

Fear- The Caviar for the Elite

Fear- The caviar for the elite. This current reality is completely based upon fear and for very good reason. The consciousness currently calling the shots literally feeds upon it, it needs us in a constant state of fear otherwise it cannot survive. Many researchers have spoken about an archonic or parasitical force [...]

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Statism or Sovereignty which one is it humanity?

Statism or Sovereignty which one is it humanity? Well what a fascinating if not frustrating month with the whole Brexit hype, I am not joking when I say that the whole episode left I and many others I know actually exhausted! But my frustration was different to many others in that I was [...]

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TV- Telling lies to your vision

TV- Telling lies to your vision. They say 'know thy enemy' and I couldn't agree more whole heartedly with that statement. The dark occultists who are manipulating humanity into a life of servitude and suffering know us better than we know ourselves, indeed they have been successfully controlling us for thousands of years. [...]

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Follow the yellow brick road.

Follow the yellow brick road What I find absolutely fascinating about the 'powers that shouldn't be' is how they're always giving us clues or inadvertently telling us what they are planning. This is because it is their belief that if they are letting us know what they're up to they will somehow escape the Natural [...]

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A Voice for the Voiceless.

A poem for the voiceless... I look at the cows and I feel their heart, They think, they feel, they love, they're smart, When I see pigs oinking away, They understand, they laugh, they play, The chickens scratching and pecking away, They breathe, they're curious, they wake everyone up to start the new day. How [...]

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