Cutting Sexual Cords And Soul Retrieval

Sex is a very sacred act and extremely powerful, between two loving partners it has the ability to bring down essence energy down into this reality, it also is a powerful manifestation technique. Sex magic has long since been known about by those who run the World. The issue is that this society has been encouraged to be very promiscuous. There is little love and much sleeping around in this ‘Tinder’ society.

The problem is that we don’t understand this, we don’t understand that when you have sex with someone you become corded to them for life, you can even start to take on their characteristics and behaviour. Women can also take on up to 50% of the man’s karma. When we open ourselves up entities and interdimensionals have the ability to infiltrate the other person.

Many people have a fractured soul, this can happen if there has been a huge trauma or betrayal. This is also why breakups are so difficult because not only is there a battle for the other person, but there is a battle for a part of their soul. Makes sense right? Soul mate etc.

During these sessions I remove all sexual cording from past partners, cleaning up anything that shouldn’t be there in the process. I also return the fractured parts of the soul and so you take back what is yours. Sessions are done over Skype and cost $160. If you would like to book a session then please use the PayPal link below and leave your email so we can arrange a time. If you have any other questions you would like to ask me about this process then you can contact me here


I felt it straight away, much more clarity and I feel the dark cloud that surrounded me has lifted, I feel lighter and better all round 🤗 I highly recommend this work with Tony

Robin, Brisbane Australia

Dear Tony,

I realized I said I would update you after our session and I got so preoccupied that I forgot! After the session I felt so much clearer and my path literally became clearer. I spent the past few weeks packing and selling all my furniture. I’m in the airport right now heading to Sedona! I felt a strong calling and had to follow. I’m not sure where I’m heading after that but I guess there’s something there for me right now. I also don’t feel like I’m lacking energy all the time anymore, so I felt able enough to travel and explore the external world.
I wanted to really thank you for your amazing work. It was even better than I expected. I feel like I am finally beginning to get myself back. I remember mentioning before how I always felt I was walking around with a really heavy heart, as if there was a black vortex in the center. After you removed the four implants, I no longer feel that way anymore. Things that come up are all mine now and don’t feel foreign, and I have the strength to integrate aspects without feeling exhausted – so I will be doing more of that in the intense energies of Sedona!
Again thank you so much, words are not enough to express my gratitude. Keep up the amazing work!
Much love and light,
Emma Francis, New Jersey, United States