The Secret Of The Belly Brain.

There is very little understanding surrounding the stomach as a general rule of thumb. The belly brain is never mentioned at all in so-called education and for good reason.

People often ask me how do we know what is true and what is deception? Now, don’t get me wrong I’m not saying I am right 100% of the time far from it, but the fact is the more I veer from myself and my own gut feeling the more I end up down a cup de sac!

Think about how this reality is set up, everything is about looking outside of ourselves. We look outside of ourselves for happiness, leaders and most of all truth. This ‘Willy Wonker Chocolate Factory’ based reality has so many sparkles its no wonder so many of us end up with ‘shiny object syndrome’!

There is literally a long queue of politicians, deceivers and false white light beings just ready and waiting to tell you want you want to hear, but ultimately not what you NEED to hear or anything that even resembles the truth!

Through my work I hear of many people who have given their power away too easily without properly discerning the person, entity or the information. They are often led with their emotions in that if it FEELS good then they will automatically take it on as truth.

Unfortunately, the truth doesn’t always feel good and it can be down right awful sometimes. But if we are to move forward both as individuals and as a collective then we must go through the uncomfortable truths and face them head on.

I feel strongly that the truth won’t be found in some puppet politician, the brain in your head or even the ‘higher self’ which you hear so much about in the New Age. Think about the higher self, its another way of you looking outside of your own true self, who knows what is behind that!

Truth is a frequency that you can feel in your body and in your belly brain, the issue is so many people get caught up in their head brains which is all about logic and reason where no REAL wisdom comes from.

The head brain is useful if a bus is approaching and you need to get out of the way, but if we make decisions from there thats when we are open to distortion and potential bad choices. Feel it in the gut first then act.

I bet if you do it this way then you will make much better decisions. Again, the feeling in the gut might not be what your head wants to believe, then its up to you which one you listen to! We all know deep down when something is good or bad for us but then we try and reason and justify things based on our own agendas!

You can tell our wisdom is in the belly brain, just look at what they are trying to do to it with direct attacks on the gut lining from GMO foods and chemicals in food, water and air. They don’t want people in the belly brain because people will start figuring things out! This is why we hear so much about ‘leaky gut’ these days because there is an ongoing assault on our wisdom centre.

I recommend to everyone to keep this nice and strong by either buying a good probiotic which contains probiotics, drinking Kombucha or eating fermented food regularly. This will strengthen the gut lining sufficiently and enable you to ‘tune in’ to a much stronger signal of truth.

We are here to rediscover our own sovereignty and trust in ourselves again. We must stop giving our power away to all these deceivers, we must stop beLIEving everything that is put out there. The New Age movement alone its absolutely shocking in terms of the levels of deception involved and many people are lapping it up!

I’m not saying EVERYONE has bad intentions or its wrong to get a helping hand in areas of your life. Thats not what Im saying, Im saying FEEL it out FIRST.

Especially love interests too, we all go a bit gooey when we meet someone we like, so often though we ignore the red flags and the gut feeling which KNOWS a person is not good for us. What happens then? We get our fingers burnt and wonder why we didn’t listen to ourselves in the first place!

We are SOVEREIGN beings, lets start expressing this sovereignty and weed out the deceptions that this whole World is based upon. Here are 10 New Age deceptions myself and my partner discussed a few weeks back.

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Tony Sayers

Love, care, courage.

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The Secret Of The Belly Brain by Tony Sayers.

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