Tony Sayers Vloggs.

I have been vlogging for a couple of years now.

I think they are a great way of getting important information out.

These Vloggs cover a range of issues, mainly in relation to the mass mind control that humanity finds itself under, but also on key issues and events that happen as and when. As always these are based on my own research are also my own insights and ideas. I would always encourage others to do their own.

Living in line with Natural Law (cause no harm, cause no loss to others, speak and live in truth) is really the only long term solution out of the situation we find ourselves in. Here I break it down further, and give examples of how it has benefited me on my journey.

This is such a big issue as far as I can see. Age old ‘divide and rule’ tactics used by those who wish to controllers still seems to be working a treat today. As we hate on each other we completely miss who are causing the REAL issues on this Planet. People are falling for it hook, line, and sinker.

The Universal Law of Correspondence ‘as above, so below’ how is it affecting us? Is it a coincidence that we find ourselves being used as food when we are feeding off other sentient beings? This is a massive issue that nobody seems to want to talk about.

A call for anarchy and civil disobedience. People confuse anarchy with chaos, that is not what the word means and here I break it down. Where do we draw the line in the sand when we are being abused daily by people in dark suits barking out orders?

Why do we keep voting? Why do we keep giving our power away to people who do not care about us at all? It has never worked for us and quite frankly its embarrassing now.

With the amount of so called ‘shootings’ going on in America you could be mistaken that Obama is after their guns. I think its clear what the agenda is and that is to remove the rights for American people to defend themselves against a tyrannical government should the time ever arise. This is enshrined in the second Amendment for a REASON.

Its unbelievable that the US government has been caught red handed giving a British company half a billion dollars to produce fake terrorist videos, this has all been swept under the carpet by the mainstream media. This is a game changer, and where does that leave the military? Are they still going to fight their wars?

Its all in the title, time to stop obeying immoral laws set out by immoral men in suits. We need to start standing on our own two feet. The whole idea of ‘authority’ and people ‘ruling over us’ is completely erroneous and needs to go if we are ever to evolve.

Another so called ‘terrorist’ attack one of a long line. Why aren’t people questioning the official line? Its the same story over and over again. Ask yourself who benefits from these events?

The last honeypot before the goldmine and so many are falling for it. ‘Ignore the negative’ ‘don’t ever get angry’. Sitting around meditating all day and singing ‘kumbaya’ is not likely to move us forward as a species!

Just when you have given a really good account of something, someone will drop in that classic word ‘conspiracy theory’. But what does the word actually mean? And why are people so reluctant to question known liars?

Our creativity has been sucked out of us and its not getting much better. The music industry is completely controlled, art is now only for the rich, but why  and what can we do about it?

Nowadays you cannot say anything without offending anyone. We police ourselves and prevent important issues that effect us all from being bought to the table. We have to grow out of this and realise we are preventing ourselves from evolving by not being able to discuss things out in the open.

There is an assault going on via several methods attacking the very essence of the male populations innate character. This is making us passive and completely taking out the natural ‘protector’ role. Perfect for a ruling class who want to dominate.

Without reaching the police and military we don’t stand a chance. These ‘order followers’ are carrying out the bidding for those in power. They are enslaving and murdering their own people as the REAL terrorists get away with literal murder!

When we wake up to the poisons they’re giving us, why keep consuming them? Surely the first part of the solution is to get ourselves fit and healthy? The fact is they want us dumbed down and we need to combat that by looking after ourselves and our loved ones health.

Here I explain the difference between the left and brain hemispheres and the importance of balancing the two. When the ‘Sacred Masculine’ and the ‘Divine Feminine’ come into balance it leads to higher thought patterns, which is why everything is done to keep us locked in either side.

‘To know and not to do is not to know’ After another political rigged election this was an appeal for further action. What followed was a series of meetings organised around the Country in an attempt to knit back some kind of community spirit.

There is no doubt many people are now starting to see the World in a whole different light these days. There is mounting evidence that ‘the powers that shouldn’t be’ are a little concerned to say the least.

The quality of attention on the things we care about is completely out of sorts in terms of real everyday issues that effect our lives. Why is this, and why do we care more about things like X Factor when there are poisons in our food and water supplies?

The belief in authority is literally a Religion. God is government. We are not supposed to have owners who dominate and tell us what we can and can’t do, whilst not even playing the game themselves!

Money the biggest form of mind control on the Planet. People obsessed with the question ‘what do you do for a living’ chasing that pound note till we lie on our death beads wondering what the Hell happened?

The people that society respect and admire these days is a joke. Celebrity culture is the new Religion for the 21st century.

Why do we feel we have no power? Why are we stuck in this mindset of ‘little me’? Are we as a society suffering from a collective lack of confidence and belief?

“Divide and Rule’ has been going on for years to control us as a species. But what exactly is it? Why do we keep falling for the same tactics generation after generation? Surely we must be able to recognise who the real enemy is by now?

Coined ‘problem, reaction, solution’ or otherwise known as the hegelian dialectic. Problems are often created on purpose to offer a ‘solution’ which often ends up in more rights and freedoms being taken away.