Tony Sayers Vloggs.

I have been vlogging for a couple of years now.

I think they are a great way of getting important information out.

These Vloggs cover a range of issues, mainly in relation to the mass mind control that humanity finds itself under, but also on key issues and events that happen as and when. As always these are based on my own research are also my own insights and ideas. I would always encourage others to do their own.

It’s been 2 months since I’ve had this done and the benefits have been truly mindblowing.
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Living in line with Natural Law (cause no harm, cause no loss to others, speak and live in truth) is really the only long term solution out of the situation we find ourselves in. Here I break it down further, and give examples of how it has benefited me on my journey.

Here I discuss how society has demonised women to just mere objects and how this is also bastardising their innate nuturing energy. For more information

Here I break down how the chakras are being used to feed from our very sexual energy, I also talk about the overlays that are effecting our very relationships and holding us all back. For more information email me directly at [email protected]