Transcending Times


So with the launch of my new website I feel the need to explain the name in which I have chosen and the reasons why. After hours of deliberation trying to force something amazing out, as with what normally happens as soon as you relax and forget about it something pops in! To be honest it couldn’t be a more appropriate title for the challenges we face today, and in the very word ‘transcending’ holds the ultimate solution and the key to get out of all this insanity.

So what I mean by this is that we are facing a situation where we have to be both adult enough and find the courage to look at negatives square in the face and then analysis the reasons as to WHY these have come about, then like true alchemists we need to adapt the REAL Holy Trinity of our thoughts, emotions and then actions in line with what will give us a much better outcome. Many people will tell you, particularly within ‘New Age’ circles things like ‘keep positive’ ‘don’t get angry’ or ‘we mustn’t focus on the negatives because it will bring on more of the same’. This is absolute HORSESHIT peddled out by those that wish to control us and keep us passive and accepting of the chains around our ankles. The very REASON we are in such a state is because we have been IGNORING the negative for so long! There is also a place for anger, just like all the emotions, anger can drive us into ACTION to change things. Of course to dwell there permanently is destructive, but used properly anger is an extremely powerful emotion to affect change. These issues require our attention urgently. Positivity? Of course, but not this fake positivity where we bury our heads in the sand. We need to become alchemists, allegorically speaking turning lead into gold, darkness into light, to literally ‘transcend’.


Most of my work is based around human behaviour, mind control techniques and an understanding of Natural Law (cause no harm, cause no loss to other living beings, live and speak truth) otherwise known as karma or ’cause and effect’. This is the basis of it all, this is why we find ourselves in such a hole right now. Through our lack of care and attention to things that effect our experience here, our apathy and ignorance, and our belief in ‘moral relativism’ that we can do whatever we please with no consequences, we have literally built our own cage. You can shout at the ‘movie screen’ i.e the politicians, bankers, Iluminati etc until the cows come home, they are just the SYMPTOMS of our collective behaviour. We need to go beyond the screen to the projector and change the movie, only then will we start to see better experiences come our way. This of course starts with each and everyone of us and how we interact with each other, the animals, and Mother Earth herself. For every effect there is a cause, and for every cause there is an effect, nothing happens by chance.

free will

So the ultimate goal is we become master ‘transcenders’ in our own lives and then help each other out. Nobody is perfect, I am myself far from perfect but we can all strive to be the best versions of ourselves and to live in harmony with Natural Law as much as possible. If we are serious about change as we say we are then we must look in the mirror first. Knowing all this is extremely empowering because it means we have TOTAL control over the situation. Change ourselves and eventually the ‘movie’ will start to change. Im not saying we dont need to raise awareness either that is vitally important, it is imperative we ALL become ‘spiritual activists’ bad ass warriors! But the Universe doesnt make things difficult and what seems like an impossible situation is completely in our own hands. Paradise or hell on Earth? We decide!

Tony Sayers
Love, care, courage.