Pranic Healing Session

Pranic healing is a no-touch healing modality which uses intention and utilises life force energy or ‘prana’ it transcends time and space so can be done from any distance. It is a gentle flow of energy that can help you relax and work on physical issues you may have as it is used to accelerate the bodies inbuilt ability to heal itself.  It also works on the energy, emotional, and mental bodies to bring it back into a harmonic alignment.

Over time this can kick-start an inner transformation, but as with any energy work can also bring up anything that is there ready to be healed. Pranic healing is a non-invasive form of healing. Since the therapy is based on the bioplasmic body or the energy field, this makes this modality very powerful. By healing energy imbalances in the energy field, pranic healing is very useful for today’s stressful and toxic environment. Sessions are either over Skype at $100USD an hour or remotely at $65 an hour. If you would like to book a session please use the Paypal link below. If you have any further questions about this you can contact me here


The healing I have received from Tony, has been totally mind-blowing; meaning that my life has changed beyond my comprehension! Of course the results thus far has to have been because of; – 1/- my total belief in Tony’s unique gift; and 2/- my truly wanting the change to my life, for the benefit of, not just myself; but for the benefit of those with whom I come into contact with.

Miss B Grubb, Pranic Healing