Body And Anatomy Symbiosis Session

Many of us are constantly stressed, overworked, and just wack out of balance. We live in a toxic soup of WIFI and radiation, and many frequencies that are unnatural to us. This can mess with our energy bodies, nervous and lymphatic systems, and generally cause havoc if we leave it unattended. Human beings are not built to live like this, and it can cause havoc to our daily functioning and sleep patterns. These sessions recorrect anything out of alignment and pick up where maybe we may need to make changes in our life i.e diet, dehydration etc  I remove any distorted energy and clean up the DNA from any EMFs that may have been lingering. If you would like to book a session please use the PayPal link below.  Please include your email so I can contact you to book the session. If you have any other questions about this service then please contact me here

Body And Anatomy Symbiosis Session

It has to be a two-way process; but if it were not for tony being there; I in no way could have had my life transformed in the way it has.  For that I am truly thankful; I would recommend his gifts to any who may in any way be considering having treatment from this lovely young man!


My cat Ralph was diagnosed with HIV… he slept mostly, little movement. His eyes were sad, & painful. Tony Sawers, immediately began working with Ralphie nightly for 5 days.. 15min sessions. Ralph appears restored, energetic & the happy little guy he is. (Ralph will be retested at his next Vet visit.) Sincere APPRECIATION from us both. Thank you for your dedication

Nova, USA