Stuck In The Scarcity Trap

If there is one overarching reason humans are kept in bondage to this Matrix construct it is that of a scarcity mindset.

Somehow we have found ourselves in a state of lack in a World full of abundance. The irony in that statement alone is quite astonishing when you stop and think about it. How we have been manipulated and coerced into struggling to survive from the day we are born until the day we die.

The invention of money, where we actually have to PAY to have our basic needs met, has cemented this deep rooted scramble for survival. It has been going on for so many years now that it has become etched in the subconscious mind of humanity.

It is the PERFECT control mechanism for the tiny few that control the human population, its very hard to dominate and manipulate a species if they have a natural flow of abundance. The likes of free energy (which already exists) being suppressed also keeps us reliant on fossil fuels where there is a price to pay for everything.

The very fact that other animals, birds and fish etc do not have to pay for the privilege of living just shows how crazy this construct is! Yet nobody ever questions it? Rarely will people talk about the insanity of having to pay for a piece of fruit that is free to the monkey or a monthly rent for a roof over their head when a nest is free to a bird?

Scarcity also creates competition where everyone is trying to outdo each other to scramble for the next pound note or dollar. It forces people to do stupid things, things that they normally would not do if we lived in a World where there was not a price to pay for everything. It tunes people into the Satanic mindset of greed. People will go as far as to steel, scam, rob and even kill each other for pieces of paper that don’t even exist in Nature!

When the World was created there was no ‘money’ it is a fabrication and created out of thin air. Worse still when you consider how we have been tied up in loops with banks, mortgages, loans and other tools of this debt based reality. Banks who charge interest on digits typed into a computer, who don’t even have the hard capital to actually back up what they are lending.

Because this has been going on for eons we don’t know any different, hence why when you talk to people about this they say things like ‘well its always been this way’. That is the statement of somebody who is happy with their situation as a slave.

What else can this reality be described as if it is not that as slavery? The tiny few dictating to the masses from their ivory towers and tables of their banquets. Meanwhile the rest of us work our fingers to the bone until, if you’re in the UK at least, 70 years old when you receive your pension! (Hopefully you won’t have died before then!)

The solution to this is firstly recognition of the trap that we have fallen into, in that this is wrong and that none of us should live in scarcity in a World of abundance. We have to understand that scarcity in and of itself is a trap of the mind, put out by those who seek to control us.

It is still possible to experience abundance but it means doing the inner, subconscious work. Many of us have been trapped here for many lifetimes where all we have known is scarcity and this master/slave dynamic. It needs to be rooted out of the subconscious both individually and collectively.

We manifest what is in our subconscious, we repeat timelines over and over again until we do the inner work to heal those fragmented parts of ourselves. Thats why many of us draw in the same kind of relationships and circumstances time and again, because we have not done the work to heal the fragmentation that is drawing these experiences in. The same goes for scarcity.

Instead of shouting at the movie screen hoping it will change we need to go behind the projector and then the outer World changes. If we have become subconsciously accustomed to scarcity then that is what will play out in the collective.

Scarcity is also linked to self worth, how can we expect abundance when subconsciously we dont feel worthy and deserving of the very thing that we seek. Universal law gives us what we feel about ourselves. So again inner work is vital in all of this.

I see in the alternative media so many people doing a great job of exposing the darkness, which is entirely necessary of course. Yet there is also a lot of projection of wounds, I have been there myself. I feel it is impossible to heal the World whilst we remain unhealed. As above, so below, as within, so without. For those interested in inner work there are many modalities out there, I prefer deep subconscious intervention which gets to the root cause the likes of which Anastasia Moroney does, you can check out her website here

It is then down to us all to do our own work to play our part in healing the collective. Of course, this is the work nobody wants to do, who does want to face their traumas when its easier to just plaster over the cracks with a beer, a joint or whatever your vice maybe?!

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Tony Sayers

Love, care, courage.

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Stuck In The Scarcity Trap by Tony Sayers.