The Rise Of The Inauthentic Male-Fake Masculinity Is King.

The Rise Of The Inauthentic Male The rise of the inauthentic male is now a huge problem in society. What has happened to men and why have we become a shadow of our true selves? To answer this question is very complex, firstly we have to ask ourselves what it should mean to [...]

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Recapturing The Human Imagination

Recapturing The Human Imagination. Recapturing the human imagination really is the key to unlocking a new World for us all. See the problem is this system has cleverly controlled our perception of what is and isn't possible. From the moment we go to school we are taught never to question authority, to study [...]

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Paedophilia Is Being Merged Into The LGBT Movement.

Paedophilia Is Being Merged Into The LGBT Movement The fact that paedophilia is being merged with the LGBT movement is now no longer up for debate. The tip-toeing of the social conditioners who started this movement is now starting to come to the surface for all who have been paying attention to see. [...]

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The Matrix Is Coming Down And Here’s Why!

The Matrix Is Coming Down And Here's Why! There are many reasons I think the Matrix is coming down, some more obvious than others. Whatever happens, we are certainly in for some exciting if not chaotic times ahead! See here is the issue, people say they want change but are reluctant to go [...]

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