Princess Programming And The Inauthentic Woman

Princess programming and the inauthentic woman is becoming a real problem in society, many women now are not in their true essence of care, love, nurture, and creativity but why is this?

Now before I start I would like to draw attention to the reader that if you hadn’t already read my previous blog about the inauthentic man then here is the link I want to make it clear that I am not picking on one sex over the other as both are massively out of their true alignment. But to understand why the princess programming and the inauthentic woman is becoming the norm we must delve deeper into where it all starts.

From a very young age, women are bombarded and indoctrinated by cartoons, films (particularly in Disney films) and TV programs as to what life is supposed to be like when they grow up. Those in the know will innerstand that Walt Disney films are basically just massive mind control manipulations. Programming children in a very subtle and covert way from toddlers upwards. More of a concern are the lewd, perverted, and sexual innuendoes aimed at kids during these films which is for another blog altogether, this can easily be researched online and the evidence is there for all to see.

Women are taught through subliminal messages in these films, and just the general storylines that the most important thing is all about looking like a beautiful princess and that the goal of life is to meet a rich prince and buy lots of material goods. What it is essentially doing is getting them to buy into a very shallow Worldview from a very early age. Now, this feeds into a lot of women’s obsession with looking good, it develops an insecurity within them from the start, the fans are then flamed as they get older where they are encouraged to buy magazines with airbrushed celebrities who tell them they are not beautiful enough in a backhanded way. It makes many women unhappy, under pressure (particularly when they start to age) and insecure.

Some women will flock to clamber for a man’s attention for reassurance, and the inauthentic women chasing man is only too happy to oblige! So as I explain in the video below a toxic dance develops between the inauthentic woman and the inauthentic man. It never really ends well, the inauthentic man might just up and leave when he gets what he wants, or the inauthentic woman may project her materialistic, princess programming desires on the man.

The inauthenticity has been turned up several notches in the last few years with the ‘Instagram’ culture we have. People obsessed with self yet no knowledge of self! Its pretty horrific to see, women pouting (and men don’t get me wrong) and selling themselves out for a constant stream of ‘follows’ or ‘likes’. I see many of these ‘selfies’ and all they really do is scream insecurity and the need to get something that they are not searching for or finding in themselves from the outside.

I want to make it clear there are good women out there, but there is a vast majority just out for someone to feed their need for money or material wealth. We see because of feminism (funded by the Rockefeller Foundation so they could tax the other half of the population) that women have now turned into these hard-nosed, career driven, machines. Don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with having a career, Im not suggesting for one moment that women should be chained to the kitchen and all that rubbish. I’m talking about a massive shift in a loss of the innate natural qualities that make women who they are. As I mentioned the care, the nurture, creativity, love, it all seems to be seeping out of society yet we so need it right now in these chaotic times.

Of course, this has been done by design, the social conditioners have done a marvelous job of tieing both sexes up in knots so they don’t understand each other anymore. Women are frustrated with men and visa versa. As I talked about in my last blog it is important that men step up into their natural essence of protector,  and action taker. Only then will the feminine feel safe to express her TRUE nature. Only then will we see a new dance take place of fully conscious, heart-based, and brave individuals who have rejected these toxic programs. A World where the masculine cradles the feminine and allows her to express those wonderful gifts and rebirth a new reality into existence, one of peace, love, and a better future for our children and their children.

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