Inner Child Session

So many people are overly concerned with looking good and physical health, that all very well and good but as we have become obsessed with our appearance we have forgotten our own internal Worlds. We have forgotten that we all have an inner child who is waiting for our attention, waiting for us to hear what he or she has to say. We live in a World where we basically bypass our unhealed traumas through addictions like food, alcohol, drugs or many other types of habits we use to paper over the cracks of our unconscious minds. These inner child sessions aim to get to the root cause of what is driving our behaviour.

What we also need to understand is that we actually manifest into our lives from what is playing out in our subconscious minds. For example, if you had a parent that was an alcoholic you may draw a partner into your life who is an alcoholic. If you were abandoned or betrayed as a child the chances are you might draw into your life another experience where you are betrayed or abandoned. The cycle continues until we do the necessary work in which to heal these subconscious parts.

We all have our protective parts or ‘triggers’ that were created as the mind fractured when we were children, this was in order to protect the child from experiencing the same pain again, the problem is these triggers stay with us into adulthood until we heal them. This can be particularly problematic when we enter relationships where many times we have two people projecting their unhealed wounds onto each other. Please feel free to browse the testimonials below.

During the inner child session, we will use a fusion of western psychology which deals directly with the ego, subconscious mind, and ego, and eastern mysticism where we connect and maintain our connection to our true essence in order to hold a strong space for the inner child and the protective parts to work with them.

Sessions are carried out over Skype and cost $75USD per session. If you would like to proceed with the session please use the PayPal link below. If you have any further questions about these sessions you can contact me directly here

Inner Child session

I have been having Inner Child Work sessions with Tony for the last five or so months now.  I’ve always done meditations and different spiritual practices over the years, but still felt stuck in certain areas in my life.  I came across a YouTube video of Tony’s about the importance of healing the inner child and it resonated with me. He says that we can place band-aides over our wounds, but until we get in touch with our inner child and heal the trauma we went through as a littleun, we will continue to see the same negative patterns reoccurring in our lives.  We need to allow the part of us that is still stuck as that hurt, scared, and often angry little girl or boy, to voice how they are feeling.  With love and understanding we can reintegrate fragments of our inner psyche.

At first I was afraid that I was perhaps making it all up in my head, but then I realised, especially when things came up that I’d long since forgotten, that I was actually tapping into a part of my subconscious that is still wounded from hurts of long ago.  It felt good to bring to light these aspect of myself.

Since beginning the sessions with Tony I have definitely felt a shift.  I seem to have more clarity and a better idea of what I want to do in life.  I’ve always had many fingers in many pies, but still felt creatively starved.  I now feel and express my creativeness with a renewed sense of purpose.  I have more energy and a childlike wonder when I am doing what I love, whether it’s taking photographs at the beach, or writing, or playing my guitar.

Thank you Tony for facilitating on my road to wholeness.


Amanda Mcleod-Australia

“Since doing the inner-child work with Tony, I’ve accelerated my
personal growth and I have let go of some shit that held me back in the
past. During these sessions, Tony is patience, emphatic and he creates a
save environment while he guides me through a specific kind of
meditation. This gives trust and allows me to fully open myself in
complete vulnerability.

I feel more at ease with myself and I get less triggered than before.
Something measurable for me that it worked!”

Robin Kastermans, The Netherlands