Entity, Alien Technology, and Interdimensional Removal.

We are taught from school that the physical realm is all there is, that we live in just a three dimensional World. Nothing could be further from the truth as humans are basically blind and can only see a tiny bandwidth of what we call visible light. The fact is we live in a multidimensional with a lot else going on around us in the same space, and the closest dimension obviously being 4d.

Within this dimension, there are many distorted consciousnesses that like to feed on human negativity, fear, and low vibrational energy, see it as their food. This is the reason that there is so much fear and negativity in this World as this consciousness needs it to survive. Different forms and different levels of attachment can get in on people and drain their energy, loop negative or even suicidal thoughts, and basically cause disruption in our lives.

Drugs, alcohol (they call them spirits for a reason!) psychedelics, and sex are all doorways for these energies to infiltrate. In these sessions, we scan the body and remove any attachments that shouldn’t be there, bring back clarity, energy, and returning what is basically ours. There are two options available with this package, I do recommend including the chakra removal as this is a big way that they get in and feed on us. Sessions are carried out over Skype. The session costs $200. If you would like to go ahead please use the PayPal button below and choose your option including your email address so we can arrange a time. If you have any further questions about this you can contact me here.

Entity, Alien Technology, and Interdimensional Removal

I was full of AI TECHNOLOGY and I can guarantee that most of you targeted individuals are as well. This morning Tony saved my life and soul from the torture and torment I’ve endured especially these last three years of my life. I am finally free and at peace. I’ve never felt so much harmony in all my life and it’s a beautiful blissful feeling. I am forever grateful to this wonderful man who has helped me return back to my truest form of my divine spiritual self and can now move on my true path. 

Bridget Holmes, Arizona US

I am so amazed by this process.  Everyday I continue to see more changes.  I just got home and am dealing with family issues and what used to trigger me is not.  I am feeling calm and centered.  It feels like there is no entry point for cords or bad energy.  I feel like I am getting to know myself in a new way.  I feel so strong and sovereign.  Thank you so much!

Kate O Leary, USA