Are You Living or Just Existing?

Do you ever look around you and just think that this journey we call ‘life’ is all a little bit crazy?

Why is everything laid out for us as soon as we are born to follow a certain path?

Does this path even necessarily lead to fulfilment and happiness?

Who are the architects of this path and what is their agenda?

Why do we always live in a World of Wars, of poverty, yet others seem to thrive?

The New Age Is The New Cage

There is, without doubt, a spiritual awakening taking place on the Planet right now. People in their droves are starting to understand that they are so much more than just a physical body roaming around lost.

There is a new self-awareness taking place as people are starting to find their spiritual identities. As exciting as this sounds, and it really is wonderful, there are many pitfalls and cul-de-sacs along the ‘New Age’ path to be very wary of. This spiritual awakening is something that the ‘powers that shouldn’t be’ have been aware of for many years, and the architects of the current control system we live under know that if we figure out that we are a lot more than just worker bees for the system then it threatens their own power.This New Age scene now seems to be littered with bypassing, avoidance, ego and blindly following anything that makes us feel good. In my opinion, this new kind of pseudo-spirituality is not getting to the root causes of our problems. With many years of working in and around this arena, I can see first hand the potential pitfalls taking place.By reevaluating and in some cases dismantling some of these rigid beliefs found within the New Age, we can move forward with what I would call ‘streetwise spirituality.’ We also need to take note of the metaphysical realms and the manipulations going on in that dimension which I break down in the book. Only once we have faced the darkness in both ourselves and the World around us can we move forward and truly evolve in an authentic way, a place where we can have REAL ‘love and light’.

Ten Life Hacks To Beat The Matrix

How to be yourself and how to be healthy is very challenging in these times of great change. Human evolution is being hijacked by multiple different levels of corruption across all areas of society making it extremely hard to see the woods for the trees. These life hacks are proven techniques in combatting the matrix and becoming the best version of you.

They take into consideration all the elements of what it means to be a human being. The physical body, healing the inner child, mental health, spiritual practices, and even delving into metaphysical realms. Its aim is simply to improve your life in ways in which are not complicated. By changing your story you CAN change your life!

These life hacks are based on my own first-hand experience of what works and what doesn’t, hacks that bought me closer to healing myself, step into my power, and generating positive energy in order to function in today’s manic World. Tips that can hopefully help you to stop worrying and start living.

Artificial Intelligence

The rise of Artificial Technology has seen a total change in the way we live our lives, interact, and function in the World. It has infiltrated our reality at every given turn and there appears to be no turning back now.
Data science, advanced algorithms, and pattern recognition is now becoming so advanced, but what are the consequences for this progress and has anybody stopped to think about the potential consequences to our innate humanness and spirit?

There can be no doubt that artificial intelligence and technology has provided us with a lot more ease and convenience in many areas of life, but where does that leave the human workforce as more and more industries start to become automated? With machines learning from each other now and becoming intelligent in their own right, it seems a good idea to take stock.

We have entered into a love affair with technology, dazzled by what it can do. But have we become blinded in our lust for yet more highly advanced robots? At times it can feel like we’re living in a science fiction movie, with many Hollywood hits about AI seemingly getting closer to the mark by the day!

We are so much more connected in many ways with technology, but where does this leave our spiritual and soul connections on a heart to heart basis? What about our connection to Nature and what is truly real? How will the future be for our children and grandchildren in this technology based World? Important questions to ask as the rise of the robots is clearly upon us.

Plugged Into Porn-Guide To Helping Men Become More Authentic

Breaking bad habits and overcoming addiction is challenging enough, but what if your bad habit is a pornography or masturbation addiction? Society is so overly sexualised that addiction recovery can be hard to achieve in this area, to overcome pornography we need to understand the mechanics behind why we do it in the first place, and also look at the benefits of addiction recovery. Exploring Nofap-what it means, and how it can help us become better men is the first step on the journey to healing ourselves.

We are so conditioned to believe that masturbation is just a normal thing to do that nobody ever questions it. Nobody looks at how damaging it can be to our mind, body, and spirit. In a way maybe we have all become a bit addicted! Pornography is so easily accessible these days is it any wonder many people have now developed an addiction?

I first started looking into Nofap around two years ago and I have never looked back. The techniques and ideas within this book have enabled me to break free from the conditioning and find not only my purpose but my power in life. It has enabled me to work on getting rid of other bad habits and increase my willpower to harness strength in all areas of life.

The nofap journey is a fascinating one with twists and turns along the way, some easier than others, but ultimately it has been so worth it. I hope this book will motivate you also to break free and step into a more authentic version of you free from the chains of pornography addiction.

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