A poem for the voiceless…

I look at the cows and I feel their heart,
They think, they feel, they love, they’re smart,
When I see pigs oinking away,
They understand, they laugh, they play,
The chickens scratching and pecking away,
They breathe, they’re curious, they wake everyone up to start the new day.

How my heart bleeds for these poor creatures,
Who’s only use is to go and be slaughtered,
Separated from their babies at birth,
The savagery of human mind in which they have no worth,

Thousands of beings killed every second,
This daily genocide using torturous weapons,
Pigs castrated, throats being slit,
Electrocution to the head so you can have steak with your chips.

The fish in the sea being hooked out of their home,
Left gasping for air on a boat all alone,
But its ok we’re ‘supposed’ to eat meat,
No way you could eat a cow without applying heat!


This poem is hard hitting,
Because for you its quite fitting,
Not looking at the reality,
Of this daily insanity.

If you’re going to eat meat,
You should visit an abattoir and go take a seat,
Or a trip to a dairy farm,
Then stare into their eyes as they experience ultimate harm.

Imposing my view, yes I am,
You impose death, and don’t give a dam,
They have to voices,
But you have choices.

You say you want peace but then you choose death,
So that makes you a hypocrite no less,
Remember your karma as you beat your chest,
Like a caveman you still dwell in a low vibrational mess.

‘Everything is energy’ I hear you say,
Yet consume animal fear day after day!
One day we will look back with horror at what we have done,
To these sentient beings who mean us no harm.

By Tony Sayers