Recapturing The Human Imagination.

Recapturing the human imagination really is the key to unlocking a new World for us all.

See the problem is this system has cleverly controlled our perception of what is and isn’t possible. From the moment we go to school we are taught never to question authority, to study hard in order to get rewarded for repeating the system’s version of everything, and that we must find a job in the matrix amongst the other rats in the race we call ‘life’. Recapturing the imagination throws a spanner in the works of this plan to put our consciousness into a tiny box.

Recapturing the imagination

This is exactly the reason I titled my book ‘Are You Living Or Just Existing?’ because the hard truth is that many of us or not living. The fundamental reason for this is simple, and that is because the imagination has been shot to pieces. As I talk about in my video below everything starts in the mind. Whether you want to start a new business, travel abroad, or learn to play a musical instrument, it all starts with that first initial thought. Of course, from there you then have to take appropriate action, but the mind is where it begins. So if we have lost the ability to even IMAGINE that there can be a World without authority, control, constant wars, and poverty, then you can bet your life it will not manifest.

School, unconscious parenting, and mind control from media outlets, means there is a constant barrage on our perception of what is possible. Many people will go there entire lives without once having an original thought that was their own sadly. How can our lives just be about being woken up by an alarm at 6.30am, straight into traffic, and then a full 10 hours staring at the same four walls for decades stuck with people we probably don’t even like?!

Humans, when connected to their TRUE essence are magnificent creative beings! We are the artists, the writers, the poets, the comedians, and the inventors. Yet we have been sold a lie that we are worthless, powerless, and insignificant. Nothing could be further from the truth! We need to reconnect with what we TRULY are and what has been forgotten.

There is an issue when people start to engage the imagination and alternative possibilities, and that is many will fall into fear. The reason for this is firstly they fear change, and most are very comfortable with their ‘silent slavery’. The other reason is that they start to think about a World without their babysitters from hell in government and politics and start to panic. NEWSFLASH we already have chaos! If relentless wars, austerity, and homelessness on a mass scale isn’t chaos then I don’t know what is!

Before any great change in history, chaos has always preceded it. Even if you look at your own personal life, my betting is that anything good or worthwhile probably started with some great turmoil. It has certainly been the case in my life. This is where we need to get in touch with our COURAGE in that we need to be brave enough to firstly imagine, and then make steps to move in the direction that we say we want. A bit more chaos if it eans a better World for future generations should be no sacrifice at all.

We really have to understand that we live in a reality with endless possibilities, its just we have been tricked into thinking otherwise. It doesn’t always have to be this way, and we are not powerless to make good, long lasting, and positive change on a mass scale. WE are the people we have been waiting for not some ‘wolf in sheep clothing’ politician, guru, or false prophet. WE are the solution to the problems we face, nobody is coming to save us. We are 7 billion strong all waiting to realign again to our genius within. To try and control that? Well its game over for them in the war of consciousness I’m afraid! In actual fact it all a bit of a cosmic joke really as to how so very few psychopaths who think they own this place have locked down our imagination to a tiny box of possibilities.

On a metaphysical level, we have to remember that this distorted consciousness that thinks it is in power cannot create for itself, only humans can do that. This consciousness wants low vibrational fear energy to feed on, it wants suffering, terror, anger, and pain. This is why society is set up to breed these exact emotions for the bottom feeder parasites in 4D to feast upon. When we engage our imaginations we take the first steps to moving away from a reality they have forced into our very minds as the only option. Let us step out of fear and use our greatest gift, our very creativity to create our way out of this starting with recapturing the human imagination.

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