The Emergence of Artificial Intelligence

The emergence of Artificial Intelligence is seemingly becoming like a railroad train out of control.

Ten years ago AI was something you heard about in movies, I mean we’ve had technology for a while but we’re now living in what I would consider a full on science fiction movie. Don’t believe me? Well just research, if you haven’t already, into the robot created by Hanson Robotics called “Sophia” who it was announced a few months ago would be the first robot to be given a Saudi Arabian passport! Here we have an android so intelligent that she/he/it (who knows!) caught her creator completely off guard at a recent presentation ‘joking’ that AI would ‘take over the World’! The emergence of Artificial Intelligence is something people are not nearly considering enough.


Well for those of us in the know about the prominent rise of AI this was no laughing matter. See this is what these inventors don’t get, they are literally playing with fire! We have reached a stage, and AI has itself, that it is now so intelligent that consciousness has now permeated it, or in layman’s terms it can now think independently for itself. Not only that but AI is constantly learning from each other through interrelated algorithms. The soon to be released will hugely advance this process as it acts as a cloud system where AI across the World can talk to and learn from each other. So as AI grows so does the database and their intellectual capacity.

What annoys me about these inventors is that they don’t ask the rest of the population about whether or not we want to start living amongst robots, no they just go ahead anyway! Its all about ego’s and who can design the most advanced bot, no thought is being given as to what the long term consequences of their actions are to the rest of humanity.


This would all be well and good if the long term intentions of AI were peaceful and positive, but there is that age old Universal law ‘as above, so below’ look at the level of conscious of the creators of AI i.e HUMAN BEINGS the most selfish, destructive beings in creation right now most likely. AI is already being used for negativity, control, surveillance, and to blow people up in Wars for rich bankers! Just take one look at the weapons manufacturers Lockheed Martin’s website which I will add at the bottom, the AI they have got there to maim other human beings is terrifying! If that’s not enough check out DARPA the AI war division for the US military they have robotic drones, soldiers, and even dogs being developed to wreck havoc!


My point is that a child in its infancy takes on the habits and behavior of its parent, if it is taught from a young age to bully, control, and be violent, that’s what it will become, and for me AI has EXACTLY that same potential. And like I say its already happening.

This rabbit hole goes way much deeper as you get into the realms of transhumanism. That’s without even mentioning nanotechnology which is in most of our bodies already due to things like chemtrails, pharmaceuticals and washing up powder to name but a few. This is for another blog or even another book, my intention here is to get people thinking, or at least considering that all this technology is not such a good thing. Yes aspects of it are good, and granted I’m using it now on this laptop, but I strongly feel we really need to start considering and thinking about the other side of AI. The one which is not openly talked about and for those who benefit, for good reason.


Lockheed Martin-


For a while now its been pretty common knowledge that social media sites and in particular Facebook have seemingly had the ability to listen in on physical conversations people are having and then, as if by magic, adverts surrounding those very same discussion points will appear on the persons news feed! There have been many experiments done on this where you can see just with a quick You Tube search. Where people have purposely spoken about something in particular to see if it crops up on their feed, which inevitably it does!


As if this isn’t disturbing and intrusive enough it is quite clear now that it has been taken one step further by Mark Zuckerberg and his pals. Case in point I’l use myself as an example, I have a bucket list of goals I want to achieve in my life, one was to write a book which I have been fortunate enough to do recently, so there I was one day thinking about the next thing on my list which was to learn how to play a musical instrument, I was alone just thinking about whether it should be the saxophone, guitar, or just a simple harmonica. Intermittently I started to get distracted by Facebook as you do and so I’m scrolling down my newsfeed and slap bang in my face are, not just one, but several advertisements to ‘learn the guitar online’ or ‘digital saxophone’! I had not spoken to anyone about this only thought about it yet there it was! I’m by far the only one this is happening to, many other people are starting to report the same.


This of course can only lead to a single possible explanation and that is something some of us have been aware of for a while, but never actually imagine we would see the day, that is there is MIND READING technology being used on humanity. Let that sink in for a minute, yes thats right MIND READING technology! Now I don’t know about you but I must have missed the email that informed me that they were just going to go ahead and infiltrate my mind. If someone has got that email please forward it to me!


The irony of now living in a World where these giant corporate parasites like Google, You Tube, and Facebook are always badgering us about security, passwords, asking us whether we are robots, and locking us out of our accounts, yet at the same time siphoning our very thoughts and ideas from our consciousness!

As I say this is not a total surprise, I have written extensively about the rise of Artificial Intelligence and their growing capabilities in the last few weeks, this technology has been planned for a long time. For anyone who has read George Orwell’s 1984 you will have heard of the ‘thought police’ people who were locked up because they had negative thoughts about government control, we are heading there folks. That book is now not in the fiction category I’m afraid, we are in those times right here, right now.


The worst part about this is that its not even been hidden, its right out there in the open and it has been since last year when Zuckerberg himself unveiled VR and AR software to develop a ‘mind reading’ brain interface. So my question is where is the uproar in relation to this demonic intrusion? If i was in a shop or library and I walked up to you and started to try and read your mind what would you do? You wouldn’t be happy would you? So why do we just accept all this bs without even a whisper? How far are we going to let these nutcases take this? Until they fully control our minds or even who knows physical body? This cannot be right, not now, not ever, we have future generations depending on us to put a halt to this crap and its about time we started speaking up about it and saying its not ok! The emergence of Artificial Intelligence seemingly knows no bounds, and unless we start sitting up and taking notice of it then we are completely at its mercy.


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