Why men avoid emotional work.

Men will avoid emotional work like the plague

Its really the elephant in the room, I mean who wants to look at their shadows right?

But why do men avoid emotional work so much? It is said that women are twice as likely to work on their emotional shadows than men. The whole macho image is all well and good until you take a step back and realise that actually as men, persisting with this social stigma is not only damaging to ourselves in our search to become our best versions, but it is also damaging to our relationships, people in our life, and who we draw in on unhealed wounds.

Imagine the kind of relationships we could have if we weren’t projecting all that pent-up sadness and anger we have been told to suppress as men. Imagine we actually owned and dealt with our shit so we could feel happiness at a deep level and not just on a superficial level, papering over the cracks with drugs, alcohol, food, or whatever the vice might be? Because that’s what we as men do, we turn to these plasters as solutions. We as men will try and stuff, bury, and avoid our demons. Men want to fix things rather than talking them through or attempt to deal with them.

On a personal note, I have spent the last few years doing this work. The transformation has been amazing for me, far less triggered and I am able to enjoy much better relationships without projecting a load of internal bullshit. Its far from easy, in fact, it’s extremely painful at times but the payoffs are huge. Below is a recent video which goes into this in more detail, I’m passionate about putting these age-old stigmas to bed, so we can all move onto something better than continuous protection, emotional and love avoidance, and all the other bullshit that comes with avoidance.

I believe very much in the Universal law of correspondence which stipulates ‘as above, so below’ and that there is so much suffering in the World because many of us are suffering on the insides and refuse to do the work. Ask yourself are you not tired of the same experiences and loops appearing in your life due to you refusing to heal yourself? Don’t you deserve to experience true happiness and joy? If the answer is yes to both then what is stopping you from going there? I agree nobody really wants to pull up the dirt of our souls, but the consequences of not doing so means a life half lived. In the video below I talk about the process in more detail. If you would like more information on this you can email me directly at [email protected]

I have also started a Facebook group specifically focusing on emotional work for men. here https://www.facebook.com/groups/187306415328805/


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Why men avoid the emotional work by Tony Sayers.