Agenda 21- Getting People Off the Land and into the Cities.

Agenda 21 and the plan to get people off the land and into the Cities is not something you will be told about on the good old mainstream media!

Does anyone ever stop and think how abnormal City life is? Don’t get me wrong I have lived in quite a few in my time including one of the biggest in London. But when you ponder on it surely it is a far reach from how human beings should be living. All huddled together in giant open-air prisons where the bars of the cage are huge skyscrapers so we cannot see out to the forests, oceans, and Nature in general. They give us a little taster with the odd park here and there so we don’t go completely doolally, but in general, we seem to be penned in like sheep.

Now I’m not saying for one moment that Cities are not fun, some of the best times in my life were spent in London, but I feel this is by design also. Anyone who has done their research into Agenda 21 will know that the plan by the psychos in charge of this World is to get people off the land and into the Cities so they are easier to control, and ultimately I guess poisoned too. So it absolutely stands to reason that they would want to draw you in by all the bright lights and entertainment!

Think about it, all the World renowned comedy, musical concerts, and sporting events etc are in major Cities. They are filled with bars, pubs, and clubs so when you finish an exhausting 9-5 week you go to get drunk to forget about your own slavery. Likewise they are spilling over the edge with coffee shops to keep you awake in the morning so you can be productive enough to keep the rigorous, relentless treadmill we call the ‘rat race’ going day after day, week after week, month after month, and year after year!


This is without the health ramifications of living in a City, often expensive so you have to work harder which adds to the stress. Pollution everywhere with heavy traffic, and junk food outlets on every corner as people have little time to prepare a nutritious, healthy meal for themselves. Everyone is in a rush, but is it just a rush to an early grave? When I lived in London the number of chemtrails that City was getting hit with on a daily basis was basically an all-out genocide in motion, cancer-causing aluminium and barium raining down on 8 million people!


Of course, if people are spread around the Countryside its not so easy to deliver such a precise attack on one’s own population! Also imagine there was some kind of food shortage? In the UK people will queue up for miles if there is even a sniff of a petrol shortage. I wonder how New York or Tokyo would look if the ‘powers that shouldn’t be’ suddenly decided that there was going to be a dry up in food, there would be absolute pandemonium.

I’m not fear mongering here I’m just telling you like it is, its in their own documents. If you don’t believe me then feel free to research these agendas, it all ties into what is essentially a depopulation program and in my view being packed into these places like sardines plays right into their hands. Yes they’re fun, they can be exciting, but are they best for human creativity, health, prosperity, and overall evolution? Its a question we need to be asking ourselves. Agenda 21 and the plan to get people off the land and into the Cities is something we all need to be aware of.


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Agenda 21- Getting People Off the Land and into the Cities by Tony Sayers

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