The Need to Pull Ourselves Out of Victim Consciousness

Victim consciousness and Blame Culture.

The two go together like some kind of dysfunctional love affair.

Because basically that’s what they are, a toxic pairing that not only holds us back individually but collectively also.  Now lets set one thing straight right off the bat before I go any further. There are some people in this World that have experienced HUGE trauma, some unimaginable I would say. I am not for one second dissing in any way what these poor souls have had to endure. However what I will say is that I have dealt with and seen people like this face their challenges head-on, step out of the victim consciousness mindset, and slay their demons to move on to be happy, healthy, well functioning, members of society.

My point in this blog is more aimed at this disease that seems to have infected society where people constantly want to play the victim card and blame other people all the time for their own unhappiness and unhealed wounds. Its almost like a kind of comfort is found in doing this, telling themselves the same story day after day, week after week, and so on. Before you know it life has passed them by and they’ve been a victim all their life. They’ve bought into that story hook, line, and sinker yet what has it achieved? Where was the growth, the evolution of the soul? Because to me that’s what our challenges are, they are opportunities to grow. Victim consciousness has us stuck in a loop where we swing from victim to blame, and then blame to victim again. I wonder how some of these people would feel growing up in war-torn Gaza or Iraq for example? I know exactly how these people feel because I’ve got friends there, and let me tell you, they are some of the happiest people on the Planet DESPITE being bombed to smithereens, you can check out one of my friends in Gaza here 

victim consciousness

What happens then is that this mindset and way of being in the World manifests itself as the collective mindset, where now everyone wants to blame everyone else for the current state of the World, and of course our anger and frustration is easily funneled by the mainstream media to blame the poor, the immigrants, the Muslims, the gays, or black people! Anyone except the very people pulling the strings in the shadows like the bankers, corporations, weapons manufacturers, and shadow governments who WE have ALLOWED through our acquiescence, ignorance, and general lack of giving a shit to direct this World into a state of total chaos!

The point is it starts with us, self-responsibility for our actions or lack thereof. Nobody is coming to save you, and nobody is going to save us as a species. No relationship, partner, pharmaceutical drug, or addiction is going to heal your deepest wounds, that’s down to you. Likewise no politician, new age guru, alien race, or celebrity ‘truther’ is going to save us as a collective. It sounds harsh but stepping out of this victim consciousness mindset will ultimately lead you to where you want to be if you’re prepared to do the work, and likewise, if we all take joint responsibility of playing our part to help make the World a better place then that’s exactly what it will become.

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The Need to Pull Ourselves Out of Victim Consciousness.