What Is Nofap?

To ask what is nofap we need to understand that there is a massive problem in society in that it has been so overly sexualised. Sex sells and its literally everywhere!

As men, we have grown up around porn with objectifying women as just something to have sex with is probably one of the most tragic aspects of our society today. I have spoken extensively before about how the divine feminine has been bastardised and twisted into something she is not.

Porn and this overly sexualised society cause huge issues when it comes to men and masturbation, I’m not saying ts the only thing to blame but it certainly plays a major part. Men have grown up thinking that masturbation is just the normal thing to do. Well, let me tell you, it’s only when you stop you realise that its anything but normal!

So nofap is essentially the abstinence of masturbation. But why do it? Well, I outline in detail the why’s and what for’s in detail in the video below, but there are unbelievable benefits from holding onto your seed. Spiritually, mentally, and physically I would recommend it to all men (ive not done the research on women for obvious reasons! Sorry!)

As I say in the video I am pretty positive I get an extra 20-25% a day from holding onto my seed. Many names throughout history who have achieved anything in their lives have also done the same. The likes of Tesla, Muhammed Ali, and Albert Einstein were all said to refrain from masturbation, understanding that if you throw away your creative energy (it creates life after all) then don’t expect to be so creative, and I can certainly vouch for this. Try it I promise you won’t regret it, even if you just go for a short while to start with!

More purpose driven, energy, and enthusiasm for life are other benefits I can sight, and to be honest the thought of going back would be like selling my soul to the devil. After all, let’s face it, its low vibrational stuff isn’t it? Isn’t that why most men feel a tinge of guilt after doing it? Because on a subconscious level perhaps we know its all wrong. I feel so strongly in the benefits of nofap that I have just written an ebook on Amazon Kindle (below) which you can search for that really goes into a lot of depth in regards to the science behind this, how to refrain when you’re struggling, and root causes as to why we do this in the first place. Try it I promise you won’t regret it, even if you just go for a short while to start with.

What Is Nofap?

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What Is Nofap? by Tony Sayers.

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