The Spiritual Effects Of Alcohol

I find it interesting that many in the alternative media talk of all the poisons in the air, water and food but alcohol rarely ever gets mentioned? Why is this when the spiritual effects of alcohol are clearly very detrimental.

I feel that it is so ingrained in our psyche’s, and society as a whole, that we have this toxic relationship where many just cannot give it up. Alcohol has its tentacles in every aspect of life, get married-get drunk, someone dies-get drunk, new job-get drunk, feel depressed-get drunk as so on. There is a drink for every occasion!

But really the clue is in the etymology and language, its basically telling you what it is. ‘The devils juice‘ or when you’re in a bar and someone asks ‘what’s your poison?‘ We get drunk on ‘spirits‘ telling you that essentially you will be opening yourself up to literal SPIRITS! Or we buy ‘booze‘ like the boo’s from a ghost.

It goes one step further when you look at the etymology of the word ‘alcohol’ which is derived from the Arabic word ‘Al-Khuul’ which means ‘body eating spirit’! We drink ‘gin’ which is a derivation of the what the Islam faith call ‘the jinn’ meaning demons. How much more evidence do we need that this stuff is beyond poison?

You can see the possession in people too, look at how people shift when they become drunk. They turn from seemingly reasonable and well behaved people into violent, crazy and overly sexualised animals. You can SEE the possession in them!

On a wider scale we see how this possession of people destroys relationships, families and society in general. As I mention in the video below, I’m sure if you took alcohol out of society then we would see a much better World. If you’re anything like me (I no longer drink) then every single regret I have in life happened when I was drunk.

These possessions don’t always just leave after a session either, you can see how the entity within people can become so strong that it constantly leads them back to the bottle, alcoholics are partly driven by the alcohol spirit that now resides within, which is why it is so hard for them to give up and ‘starve the beast’.

The physical effects are well documented, however recent propaganda from the mainstream lies are now saying that drinking a certain amount of wine or beer is actually GOOD for us! You really couldn’t make it up. In my eyes, poison is poison even in moderation. Why on Earth would you CHOOSE to destroy your liver and your brain neurons?

Of course, thats the other reason they give it to us so we don’t rise up against a system that siphons our time, energy and money for itself. Coffee from Monday to Friday to keep us working hard, and then alcohol at the weekends so we forget we are slaves. You’re not going to stand up to your tyrannical government whilst you’re pissed and with a hangover that lasts 3 days! Alcohol is given to basically dumb us all down and it works a treat!

Add to the fact that alcohol is full of the female hormone oestrogen then its no wonder that so many men are walking around with ‘man boobs’. Quite ironic when you consider that men hanging out in the pub watching the game together are actually altering their DNA to make themselves become more feminine!

If we’re going to talk about the government poisoning us then lets start with the main one, the one that has been sitting in our own homes for centuries, that should be the first to go and the one we have most control over because we don’t have to buy it! People will say ‘oh I just have a glass or two so its ok’ that is the spirit of alcohol speaking through you! Starve the beast!

If we’re REALLY serious about changing society and our World then we surely must start with the aspects that are so very damaging?   You don’t need to drink to have a good time.

People drink to escape, maybe some trauma happened as a child that they can’t deal with. I get that there are other driving forces to all this. We all have our ‘plasters’ to put over our unhealed wounds and alcohol is a big one for many, but it is not the answer. The only way out is THROUGH.

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Tony Sayers

Love, care, courage.

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The Spiritual Effects Of Alcohol by Tony Sayers.