AI And Transhumanism- Are Aliens Already Here?

AI and transhumanism are generally thought of like something out of science fiction movies, but as we progress year on year it’s becoming clear that artificial intelligence may not be so ‘artificial’ after all.

The march of technology is seemingly unstoppable with new gadgets and gizmos being introduced into society every day. Humans are in a love affair with technology but at what cost As I talk about in the video below humans have long since appeared to have lost our connection to Nature, just look at the mess we find ourselves in ecologically. What then of this new wave of social media addicts who are constantly staring down at their phones, where does that leave the Planet in its time of desperate need?

Anyone with half their eye on the ball will know that technology is not all brilliant and the epitome of human ‘advancement’. In many cases, it is now being used for a much more sinister agenda. Control, surveillance, suppressive algorithms, and now in modern warfare we see the most frightening advanced weaponry which is used to mame other human beings. Its not all a bed of roses on the technology front and it’s about time we started to realise this and take our heads out of the proverbial ‘icloud’

artificial intelligence and transhumanism

artificial intelligence and transhumanism

When you get into the realms of transhumanism you are seeing a very real threat that is either being largely ignored or just brushed away as some kind of tinfoil hat conspiracy theory. The fact is that it is going on under the radar, and I have a feeling that many humans will welcome the more potent ways of AI invading our bodies with open arms as they continue to be mesmerized by machines.

The tiptoe and drip feeding of AI moving closer to, and then into our bodies, has been going on for years. I write extensively in my new book ‘Artificial Intelligence’ (below) about how we have been indoctrinated with transhumanism films like Robocop and Terminator, so we are visually being normalised for what is coming. Then we had the introduction of mobile phones where we were holding technology, next was blue tooth attaching to the ear, Google glasses, and now an AI headband which helps you meditate! I must’ve missed the email when they said spirituality and technology were merging. But that, of course, is the agenda to a tee.

The end game will be a microchipped population, they have already introduced them into animals to numb the effect when they slide them in through the back door for us, indeed commuters in Sweden are now being chipped so they do not have to carry travel cards. This is without going into nanotechnology which is already in most of our bodies as I discuss in the video.

The solutions are in the awareness, I feel humanity is at a crossroads, technology or nature?  We need to wake up from our amnesic state when it comes to tech and look at the bigger picture. In my book, I talk about how automation is going to affect many job sectors, nobody is thinking about these issues. We have a chance to direct our future in any which way, perhaps there can be more of a balance, but we must surely maintain our connection to what is real, the Planet, and tread carefully when we embrace all of this, and at least understand that it is not all for our benefit. Are we losing our ‘humanness’ as robotics starts to take precedence?

artificial intelligence and transhumanism

artificial intelligence and transhumanism

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 AI And Transhumanism-AreThe Aliens Are Already Here? By Tony Sayers.

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