What Are Psychic Attacks?

So just what are psychic attacks? To answer this question we must first understand how energy works in relation to how humans interact with each other.

Everything is energy, every thought, every action, and every intention. We come unstuck because we think that everything we do is just purely physical. This control system has hoodwinked us into beLIEving that everything we do only impacts the 3rd-dimensional realm when in fact we are multidimensional beings. So to ask the question what are psychic attacks we must first understand that fundamental truth.

As I explain in my video below a thought form is a vibrational frequency, it is a focal point of attention. Now we have a choice we can either direct that at ourselves or we can direct them at other people knowingly or unknowingly. Imagine a situation where you perhaps have had a massive argument and fall out with a close friend, partner or family member. That person may fall into a deep despise of you and think negative thoughts such as ‘I hate you’ or ‘I want you to die’ those thoughts are a psychic attack and can stick onto your energy field whilst draining you at the same time.

We’ve all felt it haven’t we? That person who is really jealous of us or dislikes us, you can feel their daggers without them even being in your presence. That is because there is an energetic attack taking place. It goes a step further because if someone is obsessive in their dislike or hatred for you then that can create a thought form entity. An actual manifestation of how that person feels which again will stick on your energy field and drain you.

what are psychic attacks

The problem is now we also have social media to contend with, with hundreds of people lurking and scouring online, the psychic attacks are through the roof. Trolls and haters are hiding around every corner for those who dare to offer up an alternative opinion or express themselves in a way which is out of the so-called ‘norm’

The online World is a cesspit for jealousy, envy, and downright energy vampires looking for their next victim. People can stalk and set up fake accounts to monitor others and to swim in their own toxicity. They say misery loves company, well social media is awash with people projecting out their unhealed issues and traumas onto others.

My conspiracy mind cannot help but think that maybe one of the reasons social media was invented so that we all attack each other through our unhealed emotions. Its plays on our insecurities with everyone begging for ‘likes’and if person A is getting more likes than person B then prepare for fireworks.

what are psychic attacks

Of course, I am exaggerating slightly there are also very good people on social media too, but I have experienced first hand as I explain in the video below of how damaging this can be. The first step to preventing this is firstly in awareness. we have to have the conscious knowledge that this is happening in order to shield ourselves, and we have to understand that even when thinking we are potentially creating.

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What Are Psychic Attacks? By Tony Sayers.

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