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Is your tap water safe? 

To even live in an age where we need to ask such questions is crazy right?

Lets face it most of us just turn on the tap water and automatically expect it to be safe to drink, I mean its been through the ‘treatment’ process after all. You trust that because you pay your water rates you are therefore going to get your money’s worth in pure clean water. Sadly that is just not the case, and depending on where you live in the World the quality of your tap water can vary considerably.

A few years ago my own research led me to the conclusion that in actual fact tap water is pretty toxic. Picking up dirt from old pipes en route to your home, and even more concerning containing a plethora of neurotoxins which have been sold to us as something beneficial for our health for example fluoride and chlorine. Fluoride, in particular, has been marketed in a way that is an absolute necessity for strong clean teeth, hmm I wonder if thats the reason why there is a poison warning on the back of toothpaste packaging with warning signs for children that if they swallow any then they should go to the doctors or hospital?! Doesn’t sound very beneficial to me!

The truth is fluoride is a devastating neurotoxin that can pretty much disintegrate concrete in enough volumes, yet there it is in our tap water. The question is WHY and why have we been lied to in such a monumental way? This isn’t just me saying this a quick search on Google or You Tube will bring up reams of information about this. It really is sad that we have to become detectives when checking the quality of our basic needs in life these days, we just assume that the government has our best interests at heart and will provide the very best for us. Unfortunately its quite clear now that the opposite is true, and it is down to us all individually to really take responsibility in what we are putting in our bodies and those of our family members.

In the video at the bottom of the page you can see an experiment which will show you exactly what is in your tap water (at least if you live in the UK) I used a water distiller which for me are by far the best way to produce good clean water, if you’re interested in finding out more about them here is the company I recommend https://www.makewaterpure.co.uk/?ref=dENUOW42MERMZG89

Remember we are 80% water ourselves so its absolutely vital that we are putting the right stuff back into us!

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Tony Sayers

Love, care, courage.

Author of the book ‘Are you living or just existing?’

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