Why Healing Subconscious Wounding Is Vital

Healing subconscious wounding is the job nobody wants to do. I totally get it, who does want to dig up their deepest emotions and traumas that have been festering away for years?

Probably one of THE most important work a person could ever do is done, in reality, by very few people in the whole scheme of things. The issue is we have been constantly taught that the outside World is more important and that physical appearance is what matters most. We have gyms up and down the Country full of people that look nice but are literally dead inside!

What we need to innerstand, and I mention it in the video below, is that we create from the INWARDS out not the other way around. We draw in people, circumstances into our life based on our subconscious wounding. For example, the women who draws in an alcoholic partner because her dad was an alcoholic. Or the man who keeps drawing in people that abandon him because he was abandoned as a child by his mother or father.

Until we get to these parts and work through them we will keep repeating timelines and drawing in the same experiences. People are shouting at the movie when they need to go behind the screen and change the projector. This is why the mainstream ‘law of attraction’ is so fake, ‘just think and believe then you will get what you want’ ok you might get lucky one or two times but I can guarantee that your unhealed subconscious parts will come back to bite you sooner or later.

Another reason to face the ‘dark night of the soul’ is so you stop getting triggered by the same old things. This is really what modern day relationships have become. Two people get together and spend a lot of their time triggering each others unhealed wounds, relationships have become battle grounds because nobody wants to take responsibility for their own stuff and expect the other person to ‘make them happy’ it both not fair and impossible to expect this from another person.

Thirdly, this Matrix and the energies behind it know you better than you know yourself. When we talk of entity attachments and etheric implants they target your subconscious wounding and ramp it up ten fold. For example, if you have a subconscious belief system running that you’re not good enough then you can bet your bottom dollar this will be amplified in your mind to cause even more anxiety and fear so these interdimensionals can feed on your low vibrational energy.

What we have essentially is a population of fractured people all running around with an unhealed inner child who is waiting to be heard. Don’t get me wrong I am not there yet, its a work in progress, but how on Earth can we expect to heal the World if we ourselves remain unhealed?

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Why Healing Subconscious Wounding Is Vital by Tony Sayers.