Chakra removal- Why I removed my Chakras.

Want a highly controversial topic? Look no further than chakra removal!

The number of people questioning the chakra system and indeed removing their chakras is growing.

Its becoming a hot topic because as we move through the onion layers and levels of manipulations we start to realise that they’re not just on the surface level. The very idea of chakra removal has upset many, especially those in ‘new age’ or ‘spiritual’ arenas. I have lost a few friends along the way who just felt it was a step too far. I understand to an extent, just look how we have grown to love those rainbow color vortexes right? We’ve all been balancing our chakras, and doing chakra meditations for decades now! Here I will try and explain along with the video chakra removal and why I removed my chakras.

What I have found along my journey, however, is that just because something is ancient or traditional doesn’t mean it is either beneficial or indeed true for that matter. What if we didn’t need to do all this rebalancing and that source energy wasn’t supposed to be decompartmentalised in order for it to ‘work’? Does life force energy really need all this personal attention to operate and make us feel better? As you will see in the video below I explain the clear benefits of chakra removal and why I decided to remove mine, and have actually gone on to incorporate this process within my own energy healing work for others.

Of course initially, this was something I had a great resistance to. However, we have to understand that we live in a multidimensional reality and there are things going on just outside our visible sight, much of which is parasitic in Nature, siphoning human energy and partially via the fake chakra system. This also allows the vampirism to work through other people, especially people who are out of their centre, maybe people who suffer from addictions like drug or alcohol. Always be aware of your own vibration, even smoking weed heavily can open you up. I’m not fear mongering I’m just alerting people to this hyperdimensional matrix and what can potentially happen. This is also from working with people first hand in energy healing sessions and hearing their stories.

The World is alot stranger than we think, and whilst we continue to look at life on a purely three-dimensional level we will only ever half the picture. Please watch the video below for a full explanation on chakra removal and what led me to remove my chakras. If you have any more questions on this feel free to drop me an email. You can also click here for more details on the chakra and overlay removal service I offer (which also includes removal of AI, alien technology, entity and attachments, reactivation of dna/energy/diamond bodies)

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Chakra removal-Why I removed my chakras.

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