Ten Ways To Escape The Matrix

We all want to escape the matrix don’t we?

Break Free!

Here I discuss ways in which to escape the Matrix so we can still live happy, healthy, and fulfilling lives. The video below goes through 10 ways of escaping the matrix.

Everyone want’s more freedom, especially once you become aware of certain manipulations going on around us. Whilst it may not be possible to step out of it completely there are definitely things that we can all do to make life easier for ourselves. I see this reality as very much like a computer game, there are different levels and we are all trying to reach the next one in the game, fighting the next boss at each level so to speak. As we move up the levels we get more stronger, powerful, and devlelop more abilities. .

Il go into more specific details on ‘ways to escape the matrix’ in the the video but for me the basis of transcending this computer game starts with ourselves. Keeping fit and healthy (which is an indication of self love) has to be the fundamental to where we start, especially with so much around us that is making us sick. I feel its paramount to work on our own inner Worlds too, healing that inner child we all have within us. Once our inner and outer Worlds are solid we have a good basis to ‘level up’ in the game and to deal with what is thrown at us.

To me there is no point in banging on about government corruption if you’re going to eat their poisonous foods, alcohol, and watch their brainwashing device in the TV. The solutions have to start with putting into action what we know as much as we can, otherwise whats the point of knowing what we know in the first place?

This system is a house of cards which when enough people to reject what is being sold to us, will start to crumble. It thrives on our very aquiescense. I’m not suggesting everyone goes ‘off grid’ tomorrow, what I am talking about is small changes we can make in our everyday lives that then builds up into big ripples in the pond. We have always had the power and that really is the cosmic joke, billions of us against a tiny few that run the World. Its laughable where we find ourselves considering the mathematics involved.

So please enjoy my ’10 ways to escape the matrix’ video below to give you a few ideas on how you can start taking back your power.

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