Its all in the title, time to stop obeying immoral laws set out by immoral men in suits. We need to start standing on our own two feet. The whole idea of ‘authority’ and people ‘ruling over us’ is completely erroneous and needs to go if we are ever to evolve.

Another so called ‘terrorist’ attack one of a long line. Why aren’t people questioning the official line? Its the same story over and over again. Ask yourself who benefits from these events?

The last honeypot before the goldmine and so many are falling for it. ‘Ignore the negative’ ‘don’t ever get angry’. Sitting around meditating all day and singing ‘kumbaya’ is not likely to move us forward as a species!

Just when you have given a really good account of something, someone will drop in that classic word ‘conspiracy theory’. But what does the word actually mean? And why are people so reluctant to question known liars?

Our creativity has been sucked out of us and its not getting much better. The music industry is completely controlled, art is now only for the rich, but why  and what can we do about it?

Nowadays you cannot say anything without offending anyone. We police ourselves and prevent important issues that effect us all from being bought to the table. We have to grow out of this and realise we are preventing ourselves from evolving by not being able to discuss things out in the open.