How The Word ‘Smart’ Will Make Us Stupid

The word ‘smart’ is being used more and more these days, and like everything in this deceptive reality if something becomes popular then it needs to be interrogated with a fine tooth comb!

It won’t come as much of a surprise to those of us who have done our research, that if you just lift the lid a little bit on this term, out crawls a load of cockroaches! Of course, it all started with smart phones a few years back and lets face it, that has not ended well for human freedom! Now we have Google or Facebook spying on us and monitoring our physical locations wherever we go!

People are stuck to their phones like glue and people generally do not talk to each other anymore. We are told we are ‘connected more than ever’ yet physically and emotionally we have never been further apart. This all ties in with social media where people are uploading selfies constantly, completely hooking in on today’s narcissistic society. These people have essentially just tied themselves into facial recognition and probably exist somewhere on a CIA database!

You only have to take a look at China to see where this is going, facial recognition is merging with ‘social scoring’ whereby if you do not tow the line of what is ring fenced as ‘acceptable,’ then you have deductions made from your social score. As I mention in the podcast below with Adam Crabb of people are struggling to buy airline tickets, put their kids in the best schools and even unable to buy pets due to low social scoring! It seems inevitable that the chip in the hand will be next, and if they can do this to BILLIONS of people there then they can do it elsewhere too.

We then had the roll out of ‘smart meters’ across many western countries, this was sold to us in a way that we could ‘save money’ on our bills. What they forgot to mention however, was the extremely dangerous levels of EMF’s they emit! They also failed to mention the headaches, fatigue, ringing in the ears, heart problems and a whole host of other ailments that come with it!

In the Uk, they are starting to roll out ‘smart motorways’ which promise to ‘change the speed limit to smooth traffic flow, reduce frustrating stop-start driving and improve journey times’. What they conveniently forget to mention is that they have completely abolished the ‘hard shoulder’ which is used for people who break down or have car issues.

Already there have been reports of the emergency services not being able to reach people involved in accidents, and people who may just have a slow puncture for example, getting rammed from behind causing unnecessary accidents! The Highway Agency has already admitted that the introduction of Smart motorways will result in more casualties! Is there even a whimper from the British public about this? Is there hell. Too busy watching the football and ‘Love Island’ to care about the roads their children and grandchildren will be using in the future.

The REAL reason for smart motorways is to hook everyone into the smart grid. Where everything is online on the AI Singularity cloud. All your movements are monitored, and as we move forward futuristically, all cars will be automated and will not even physically move anywhere that is outside of the boundaries of the smart grid!

Everything goes into the AI cloud as we are all crowded into smart cities, movements are tracked, advanced CCTV will be using facial recognition and if it sees or hears you stepping out of line then be prepared for your social score to be reduced and your microchip turned off. Mind reading technology is already here, we’ve all experienced it now on Facebook, so in essence, Orwell’s idea of the ‘thought police’ wasn’t an idea at all!

Its yet another inversion in a World of many. Media are supposed to give us the truth, war is supposed to lead to peace and big Pharma are supposed to cure our illnesses, yet instead they make us sick! Is it any surprise then that when they use the word ‘smart’ they are in fact calling you and everybody else stupid?! It is Satanic mockery to a tend there for all to see if we would only care enough to look.

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How The Word ‘Smart’ Will Make Us Stupid by Tony Sayers.

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