Beware False White Light Beings

Perhaps the greatest deception of all is the fact humanity has been led to beLIEve that the physical realm is all there is. And just as there are wolves in sheep clothing here in the 3rd dimension the same can be said for the false white light beings masquerading in the 4th dimension.

It cannot be denied that this World is built on lies and deception. We have it in the form of mainstream media, politicians, and thats not to mention the so-called food and health industry.

World leaders who promise one thing and then later down the line do the exact opposite. Dr’s being trained to tell us that  pHARMaceutical drugs will cure us when in the long run they make us worse. ‘War is peace and freedom is slavery’ Orwell’s infamous line in his book ‘1984’ reflects perfectly back the reality that we exist in.

As soon as we are born our parents are tricked with the birth certificate which essentially signs us over to the State to become yet another rat in the race we call life. The list is absolutely endless in terms of what we have been hoodwinked and tricked into taking on as truth.

The spiritual law of correspondence states ‘as above, so below’ and this applies perfectly to the bottom feeder parasites that lurk just outside our visible sight in 4D. The fourth dimension is literally teeming with entities, demiurgic forces and distorted forms of consciousnesses waiting to PREY (its all in the language) on both human ignorance and the need to look for saviours outside themselves.

Now this won’t be popular especially with the ‘New Agers’ out there who want to believe that everything outside of this dimension is ‘love n light’. The truth is, and I see it through my own sessions, that many of the energies humans are giving their energy to are simply masquerading as benevolent.

Lets take the ‘archangels’ for starters. When we look at the language we see the word ‘arch’ as the prefix. The arch has long been occulted as a dark symbol. We see these very prominent in major cities like Marble Arch in London and the Arc De Triomphe in Paris, both major points on the Planet for this system of control.

We also see ‘arch’ at the start of the word ‘archons’ which have been spoken about throughout history as the vampiric parasites siphoning off human energy in 4D. Arch means ‘rulers’ so if we are talking rulers then just who are we giving our power and energy away to?

Throughout my own work I deal with people who are giving their energy to beings like Archangel Micheal, Metatron and St Germain I could go on. Often times people report not feeling any better or quite often worse after working with these energies. Or at best they are met with a temporary high and then a big crash.

This can also be extended to people giving their power away to so called benevolant alien races. As I talk about in the video below hundreds and thousands of people are giving worship energy away to deceptions like Pleadians or the  Galactic Federation of Light.

I’m not saying that everything out there is bad or out to get us but I am saying that this whole reality is built on deception and that extends itself way further than a lying politician. Humanity finds itself a slave race because it lacks awareness and discernment. Developing the ability to question EVERYTHING no matter how good it sounds is a key solution and way out of the position we find ourselves in.

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Tony Sayers

Love, care, courage.

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Beware False White Light Beings by Tony Sayers.