The Dark Side Of Plant Medicine And Psychedelics

I want to start this blog by making a big disclaimer before I get the pelters thrown at me over this. I am in no way saying that MEDICINAL cannabis isn’t beneficial. The evidence is there and I get it. Questioning the dark side of plant medicine and psychedelics is an attempt to give a more rounded view on the subject as there seems to be a severe imbalance.

I will also say that I myself have also had wonderful insights, downloads, and concepts on both weed and psychedelics. But through experience and my own work, I now know that both certainly need to be talked about with some kind of balance and not hyped up like they are.

Ok so onto the points in question and let’s start with weed. It seems to me that in the alternative media NOBODY is allowed to question smoking pot. It seems to be the law and I’m not sure why? Is it because the medicinal benefits have just been uncovered so EVERYTHING is hunky dory, or is it somehow the sign of rebellion sitting in your basement greened out on this ‘illegal’ plant posting about how corrupt the government is? I’m not so sure but I find it annoying and for the following reasons.

Firstly, it is now being legalized more or less everywhere. BIG red flag, and it’s not because a group of stoners sat in a park on 420 day either. Its because these parasitic governments WANT you smoking weed. Why I hear you say? Well firstly, and I talk about this in the video below, the weed they want to sell you will be GENETICALLY MODIFIED. This means that by smoking it will genetically modify YOU and your DNA.

Secondly, people who smoke weed all the time are FAR less likely to rise up against tyranny, you only have to look back at the Hippy movement in the 1960’s to see this. They were definitely onto something but look at what happened, they were given lots of weed and even more LSD and fast forward 50 years we’re more enslaved than ever! It acheived NOTHING.

We’re seeing that kind of ‘everything is love’ vibe in the New Age movement of today and its just history repeating. People in gong baths, smoking weed, avoiding anything negative in life is a joy to any force wishing to control and dominate.

Smoking weed all the time can put you off your path, you can lose drive and purpose in life, it is used for SUPPRESSION for people who cannot or will not face the traumas in their life, or to plaster over their inner child who is still crying out to be heard. It is not healing in that sense it is suppressing. Big difference. Smoking heavily over the years can also cause psychosis and paranoia. The bottom line is people are easier to control when sedated.

The last reason, and again I talk about this in the video, is one most people will not even consider. This very much applies to psychedelics here too. When you drop in vibration or you go out of your center (which is what both weed and psychedelics do to you) you’re opening yourself up to the 4th dimension and everything that exists there. Most of it is parasitic in nature, entities, attachments, and other distorted forms of consciousnesses. I write about these things extensively in my other blogs.

These entities can infiltrate and start causing issues in your life. Draining your energy, ramping up fears and anxieties, in extreme cases even causing suicidal thoughts. They can pull strings without you even knowing, encouraging bad behavior and other bad habits (which also feed them) and they can influence and effect relationships. I have worked with many clients who have gone off and taken DMT at the weekend and come back feeling suicidal, and this is the part nobody wants to talks about.

I am not saying you cannot have great experiences, I have myself, I am just urging you to look at the WHOLE picture and not just follow the crowd. Especially if you already had a lot of trauma in your life. There is no quick fix to healing, and temporary addictions to suppress whats really going on is only holding you back from becoming the best version of you. Question everything.

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Tony Sayers

Love, care, courage.

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The Dark Side Of Plant Medicine And Psychedelics by Tony Sayers.