Why Spirituality As We Know It Is False

The New Age movement was set up as the ‘last honeypot before the goldmine’. It is awash with false spirituality teachings set up to highjack the current spiritual awareness seeping through into the collective consciousness.

See the dark occultists who operate behind the scenes have long since known that a new consciousness is starting to filter and permeate humanity. They have known that people will start to view themselves as more than just powerless human beings who just work a 9-5 and then die.

This is half the trick in that if you can get people to beLIEve that they are powerless then you automatically have more control. People will continue to need a leader, and worry about stepping out of the sheep pen for fear of isolation from the rest of the sheep.

So it has been in their interests to make sure they divert this spiritual awareness in the direction that THEY want it to go. So actually what we have been left with is just more or the same.

At the basis of many teachings is avoidance, spiritual bypassing, ‘all about me and my vibration’ mentality, and the abstention of taking any action in the face of evil. Just allow, accept, deny and live in a bubble of ‘love n light’ where ‘all is well, all of the time’. Ignore the mind and just observe as kids are being raped, bombs are falling, and our food, water, and air is being poisoned.

Newsflash. It’s not, and the only people that TRULY benefit from this mentality are the 1% who enslave everyone else. As I mention in the video below if you can get people to just accept and avoid, then you as the evil perpetrator can get away with literally ANYTHING unchecked! The New Age movement is nothing more than Satanism repackaged into a love bubble.

The New Age movement was created by 32nd-degree freemason Helena Blavatsky in the 1870s, she also created the Luciferian doctrine which kind of says it all. Satanic high priest Anton Lavey once quoted ‘ All New Age is trying to play the devils game without using his name’ which really tells you everything you need to know.

The New Age has been cleverly created as the ‘new religion’ and you can see it really is just that, especially when there is this ‘guru’ mentality who are basically just the priests of today.

Mark Passio (who does great work around exposing the New Age) was once part of the dark occult and so has great first-hand experience talks about those in the higher echelons telling him to ‘just watch’ at the levels of false spiritual teachings that were going to be put out there in order to divert people.

The basis of the whole agenda is basically to get people to ‘feel good’ and really not worry about the deep woundings in both their own lives or the World around them. Its all about me, me, me and has NOTHING to do with true spirituality which should be about care for all, facing the darkness, and being courageous in the face of adversity.

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Why Spirituality As We Know It Is False by Tony Sayers.