Truth Is A Frequency

So what do I mean when I say that truth is a frequency? How can we ‘tune in’ amongst the quagmire of information we’re being bombarded with right now?

Let’s face it we are living in the most challenging of times, on the one hand, we have a system which is out of control and panicking to keep people under heavy mind control. On the other hand, we have a courageous army of people seeing where this is all leading to and trying to figure out exactly what is going on!

Even amongst the information, we know that there are lies put out by many mainstream media outlets. There is also much disinformation put out which has probably been planned for millennia in order to keep us running around like headless chickens and into yet more cul de sacs.

One of these big cul de sacs is the New Age fake spirituality movement which is awash with mental masturbation in order for you to just ‘feel good’ and forget about any evil taking place on the Planet. I talk about this at length in the video below in which I was interviewed by Kevin Moore or the Moore show this week.

So how do we discern truth from lies? Well, I guess the first part of the answer is in the question itself. Discernment. See for far too long humans have gone along with something blindly just because it FEELS good, and this is not a good basis to start. Truth doesn’t always and very often feel good.

We are so led with our emotions when it comes to this that we lose all reasoning. How much longer are we going to keep doing this before we learn our lessons? How many more times is a political leader going to say what you want to hear then backtrack and do the absolute opposite?

How many times are you going to believe it when someone says aliens or angels are going to save you and then nothing happens?

I get it, I understand WHY people want to clamber over anyone who might promise a better future. It’s a tough place to be this Planet after all. But following blindly without critically thinking often leads to jumping over another cliff with the other lemmings.

The process of discernment should engage the whole of your being, the belly brain where your knowing and intuition lies, or better known as the ‘gut feeling’ is integral to this. All your wisdom lies there, and a higher knowing, tune in and listen. Then the head brain asking the right questions like ‘how does this person come across?’  ‘What is their energy like?’ and ‘Does what this person saying feel like truth or deception’ putting our natural emotions to one side.

As I talk about in the interview discernment is like a muscle, the more you use it the bigger and better it gets! From that point onwards it becomes second nature. As I say everything is frequency and that applies to the truth itself, and the more you align by living by it as much as possible in your own life and recognizing its energetic imprint then it becomes second nature.

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Tony Sayers

Love, care, courage.

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Truth Is A Frequency by Tony Sayers.