Why The New Age Movement Is Making People Sick.

The New Age Movement has become massive over the last few years as many folks are starting to become aware of their true spiritual nature.

On the one hand, this is fantastic. The eons that have passed where humanity has had no understanding of its true power is coming to an end. But just how genuine and indeed beneficial is this ‘spiritual awakening’ as we know it?

My answer to this on the whole not very. For me, it has turned into just another religion. This has been made evident in the last 6 months or so where several big names in the so-called ‘spiritual’ scene have been exposed for a whole range of abuse, scams, mind control of their followers and even child trafficking. You can see my article on these cults here https://transcendingtimes.org/2019/03/10/the-rise-of-the-new-age-cult/.

The backlash I have had from some of these cult members has been shocking to say the least, I talk about it in depth in the video below. Amongst much wafty mumbo jumbo New Age lingo I have been told ‘I am too negative’ for trying to raise awareness on such issues,  or that perhaps I am ‘not enlightened enough to understand some of the teachings’.

The level of passive-aggressive cowardly comments from people that only care about their belief systems (and their guru), which has nothing to do with trying to understand that foul play may have (and probably did) take place has been astounding. No care has been shown for the victims and I ask myself what is so spiritual about that?

In many of these movements, I see damaged people giving their power away too easily, I see them being encouraged to ignore their shadow as its too negative. It is encouraging massively spiritual bypassing which means people are going to these places often times to heal and they are coming back more damaged and don’t even realise it. I see people who have lost all their ability for discernment.

As I mention in the video, the New Age Movement has brilliantly packaged itself. Everything is ‘love n light’. Call in your “Archangel Michael’ he’ll wash away a lifetime full of trauma for you! No, you don’t have to do any work yourself just rely on some entity (which are normally posing as false white light beings anyway) to come and sort out your life.

They have made it all easy on the eye and that is EXACTLY how people get sucked in and never leave, boxing up their consciousness once again just like a religion. I get it who doesn’t want to dream rainbows? This reality is tough and they have packaged it up in a way with a promise that you’re going to have an easy escape. Newsflash you’re not..

This might seem harsh and I guess in a way it is meant to be. In my own sessions, I work with many people who have come away from a New Age modality feeling worse than when they first turned up. The whole scene needs calling out.

Its filled with spiritual ego where everyone is professing that they are ‘enlightened’. When all they have been taught is how to be a coward in the face of adversity. See this planet doesn’t need anymore people cowering away avoiding the slightest thing that is deemed negative, have a look around you that is EXACTLY the reason humanity has sunk so low, through avoidance!

I’m not saying everyone is out to get you or that there cannot be benefits to some of these modalities. I’m just saying that we need to be more discerning and do our due diligence. Anyone promising an easy ride should be viewed with caution.

What we need is streetwise spirituality where we understand our true nature but also understand our responsibility to face the shadows both collectively and in our own personal lives. Only then can we transcend the darkness and turn it into REAL light not this phony kool-aid version.

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Why The New Age Movement Is Making People Sick by Tony Sayers.