The Rise Of The New Age Cult

Lately, there has been a mass expose of New Age cults popping up all over the place. This worrisome trend needs to be addressed as there can be no doubt that these ‘wolves in sheep clothing’ are snaring very vulnerable people and abusing their position of power.

I have always said that this pseudo-spiritual false movement which is all about avoiding everything. Avoid anger, anything negative, the mind, you get my drift here, is promoting nothing more than SPIRITUAL BYPASSING. The New Age cults have infected any kind of TRUE form of spirituality a person may go through.

The big trap with the New Age movement is that it has been cleverly designed. Who wouldn’t want to avoid their deepest traumas and just think rainbows and unicorns? I can completely get that. On the surface at least it sounds wonderful!

Let’s face it this reality is difficult enough and I get why people want to escape into another World of fantasy and fluff. But what is it changing? Both individually and collectively it is just getting people to avoid everything at a time when we need to face the darkness more than ever.

The other aspect of the New Age, and this is what these self-professed ‘guru’s’ really tap into is that it attracts A LOT of damaged people, people who are desperately looking for something to make themselves feel better after a lifetime of trauma. Many of them will literally go for anything if it makes them feel a tiny bit better than the hell they have had to endure.

Many maybe lacking a family unit so what better way than to feel like part of something special and unique. Or let’s just say a CULT. The absolutely horrifying stories coming out now about well known ‘spiritual masters’ and how they have manipulated people into sex, worship, and black magic activities is something people really need to stand up and take a look at.

The great news is that the veil is starting to lift on these charlatans. These parasites have started raising their ugly heads for the last year or so as brave souls are now starting to speak out.

Around 6 months ago it came to light that one of the biggest Yoga/Tantric schools in the World, Agama based in Koh Phangan, Thailand was basically a funnel for its leader Swami Vivekananda to abuse and rape women. It was under the guise that they needed ‘sexual healing’ and he was the man to revoke any karma by penetration!

Next, we had the hugely popular John of God down in Brazil exposed with allegations of sexual assaults and reports that he even ran a child sex slave farm. Again his special ‘cleansing energy’ was apparently perfect for clearing women’s wombs!

The latest snake to be exposed is the Jamaican gigolo Mooji who has been running a cult over in Portugal. He has also been abusing his power by making followers kiss his feet, hand feed him, chant songs about him, and of course have sex with him. You can see more about Mooji in my video below which also includes the original article about him.

So I urge people please use discernment, just because something sounds good doesn’t always make it true. If you’re someone who has experienced a lot of trauma please be careful when jumping on a bandwagon of any type of movement or someone who encourages a guru mentality. Just because the person has a fancy Indian spiritual name doesn’t mean that he/she has ALL the answers.

Sure there are people that can help us on our journeys but any ‘leader’ who is not encouraging you to be your own leader is no leader at all! I’m’ not saying that they are all bad but approach everything with a critical mind as the new age cult is becoming more and more common.

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Tony Sayers

Love, care, courage.

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The Rise Of The New Age Cult by Tony Sayers.