Are You A Birthbump? Human And Non-Human Souls.

Have you always felt like you were the odd one out? Were you the black sheep of the family or maybe even felt like you didn’t belong to your family? Has life been difficult ever since you can remember? Well, then there is a chance you could be a non-human soul and birth-bumped.

As I explain in the video below there are two types of souls incarnating here on Earth right now. We have the human souls who are incarnating here lifetime after lifetime to be used as literal batteries for entities, AI, and a host of other parasites both in the seen and unseen dimensions. You can find out more about this soul recycling trap humans are stuck in an article I wrote here

Human souls have become very disconnected from both their hearts and their psychic abilities. This is because they have been through lifetime after lifetime of war, poverty, scarcity, and mind control.

Waves of non-human souls have been incarnating here over the last few decades. These have been known as the crystal, indigo or rainbow children. These kids are special in that they are still connected to both their hearts and their psychic abilities, both of which pose a massive threat to this matrix system of control. Psychic abilities and heart connection is what the matrix hates most, if we all open our hearts and we can see beyond the veil then it really is game over for them.

Because of this threat, they are very heavily targeted even before they are even born. In the video below I explain how this matrix has a way of seeing the threat of the soul coming into the body by using that soul’s astrological signs astrological signs (which are basically barcodes). If the particular soul is deemed a big enough threat then they have the ability to ‘bump’ the soul into a dysfunctional family where it can go onto experience all kinds of abuse and trauma.

Some of these unfortunate souls turn to drugs or alcohol, some end up homeless, suiciding, or just spending their whole lives trying to heal from the abuse. This has then been an achievement for the matrix as it has taken that particular soul off their path.

This is why there are so many vaccinations right now, there are more waves of these non-human souls than ever coming through. They know this, and by injecting them with a multitude of neurotoxins from the day they are born that child is already at a serious disadvantage. See the vaccination issue goes way deeper than just physical harm, its part of a metaphysical battle that most humans aren’t even aware is going on.

These courageous souls volunteered to come here to help from a place of unconditional love. In a way, it is almost a backhanded compliment. If this sounds like you it could be that your life has been so traumatic because of your POWER. You may have been viewed as a threat and you may not even fully understand the reason why. And that is the goal, so much trauma and abuse that you think you have nothing to offer the World. Its one big lie!

This knowledge doesn’t necessarily heal you from your past but it might bring greater awareness and innerstanding surrounding what happened. Its also not to say that you have definitely been birth bumped either, but again it maybe something to consider if your life has followed these kind of patterns.

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Are You A Birthbump? Human And Non-Human Souls by Tony Sayers.

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