The Sexualisation of Society and Destruction of the Divine Feminine

The Sexualisation of Society and Destruction of the Divine Feminine is something that has been sneaking in particularly over the last decade or so.

Quite frankly our society is being sexualised at a very disturbing rate, you only have to look at the so-called ‘celebrities’ that the younger generations seem to worship, the likes of Rhianna, Miley Cyrus, and Kim Kardashian, all hardly good role models particularly when they are seen skimping around with their boobs and bums out singing about sadomasochism! When did this happen? When has our consciousness sunk so low that we would allow our childrens minds to be filled with such cheap garbage?

But there are deeper connotations to this not often talked about, this sexualisation of society is not only encouraging more promiscuous behaviour, but it is also, on a deeper level, crucifying the divine feminine energy needed for this World to rebirth into a Planet of peace and love. See that is what the feminine epitomises love, care, nurture, and creation. All these qualities are feared most by the people that run this World, peace and love does very little for those who want division, anger, selfishness, and greed.  It poses a massive threat to the continuation of this Satanic realm, and to the entities and interdimensionals who feed off our lower vibrational energy just out of visible sight.

If you can destroy the divine feminine energy then you, by default, take away any care left in the World, and if nobody cares then evil will continue to reign as king here. I speak in the below video in detail about how throughout the ages women have been used and seen as merely sexual objects, this was no different to my era growing up where as men, and Im ashamed to say now, we were all happy for a notch on our bedpost. Its just what we men do right? Wrong, it shouldn’t be like this. As men we need to rediscover the feminine, and in rediscovering we need to find a new respect which not only should return, but is absolutely essential that it does for our entire evolution and spiritual growth as a species.

It is particularly challenging when we have naked women shoved in our faces all day everyday, magazines, TV, porn is available at the click of a button, where once again the women will be treated as an object. Or just a 5 minute clip so a man can jack off which is another subject altogether and damaging to a mans mind, and a complete loss of his vital sexual energy which is something I talk about here

I am not professing to be perfect here far from it, I have just awoken to the amnesic state I found myself in when it came to women, how they are perceived in society, and what their true transformative and nurturing energy brings to this World. It is my view that we need to reject this push of over-sexualisation in society wholeheartedly. It plays in to many different dynamics as I explain in the video below, not least the sexualisation of children. Everything is being thrown at us right now to distort who we really are, to cause division, confusion, bastardisation. We as possibly the last generation who can remember how things used to be, and therefore have a moral responsibility to call this bullshit out before its too late. Please consider subscribing to my weekly newsletter at the bottom of this page, and subscribing to my You Tube channel for more information about a range of topics, and also share this article if you found it helpful.

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