Five Benefits Of Doing Emotional Healing.

Hands up who wants to do the emotional work. Not many right?

You may not want to but here are 5 benefits of doing emotional healing.

5-Attract better relationships/experiences into your life.

We attract what we are and what we feel about ourselves at a subconscious level. We are manifesting from the inwards out, rather than the other way around. For example, if you experienced a deep abandonment wound as a child, maybe your mother or father left you at an early age, then there is a high chance you will attract people/experiences into your life where you may be abandoned.  How often do you hear of people that attract an alcoholic partner and maybe one of their parents were alcoholics? This is not by accident, this is the subconscious mind pulling in these experiences. Heal these wounds and manifest more of what you want.

4-Becoming less triggered.

You know those buttons that always push you? Perhaps you have an over defensive side, certain things might make you angry, or maybe you have a jealous streak running through you?  As you work through these layers these trigger points cease to exist, so aspects of yourself that hold you back in love, life, and relationships heal so you can operate in those intimate connections from a much more mature place.

3-Becoming more authentic.

When you look at society you start to understand that the majority of people are acting out constantly from their unhealed parts or protectors. So we grow up into adulthood as a mish-mash of different characters who actually aren’t really us! As you start to heal those parts that aren’t you, by default you become more of who you REALLY are. How can we honestly be truly happy when we are so fractured in our very being? Then as we enter relationships we have two parties who, more often than not, project each others unhealed wounds onto each other. To be authentic isn’t just about being true to yourself its about healing the parts that make you a false being.

2-Returning your essence.

When we are children and part of us fractures into a part or protector we essentially lose part of our essence, or at least it is held back until we do the necessary healing work. Once healed we are essentially returning back what is TRULY ours. Think of it like a lost part of our spirit finding home again.

1- When you heal yourself you help heal the World.

Is it any wonder that the World is in such a toxic state when many of us have our own toxicity that we haven’t dealt with? We can shout and scream at the system, and of course it holds us back. But we are calling for peace when many of us do not have peace in our own hearts. By healing yourself you inspire others, it lifts others spirits around you, it raises your own vibration which in turn helps to raise the vibration of others around you, it then has a knock-on effect on the rest of the Planet. I’m not saying we should bypass what is happening in the World, not at all, but we have to do both, we have to work on ourselves and the World around us.

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Five Benefits To Doing Emotional Healing by Tony Sayers.