Five Crazy Belief Systems Humans Have

So I thought I’d end the week with a take on what I feel to be the top five most wacky belief systems that we as a species believe as good ideas. Its a mixed bag and I’ve just taken what has come to me in no particular order. Counting down from number 5…


Think about it, this is REALLY weird. We walk around hiding under our hats, slap on copious amounts of toxic sun cream (which is actually the cause of skin cancer, not the sun itself), and put ourselves into darkness by walking around with sunglasses on. Don’t get me wrong as someone who burns quite easily I understand you have to be quite careful sometimes, but that is completely different from the absolute FEAR that has been forced upon us about an energy source without which NOTHING would survive, no plants, no animals, and yes that’s right no humans! The truth is we need vitamin D to survive, and with much of our sun blanketed out by chemtrailing and weather manipulation its more important than ever to get some of the good stuff into us. At the right time of day, namely sunrise and sunset, there are many health benefits to something like sungazing, heightened awareness, pineal gland activation, and other benefits worth looking into. Is this the reason that the fear of God has been put into us by staring at the sun? Makes you wonder!


I’l never get my head around this one. How you can divide a Planet up into different segments is beyond me, I mean its a Planet?! There were no borders when this place was created, however it was created is ,of course, open for debate. To think people get all worked up and get their knickers in a twist just because their parents happened to fuck on a certain piece of land. Nobody owns anything here, we are all visitors and temporary guardians. Its not YOUR Country or land, it belongs to Nature and the Earth itself. Then we have to jump through hoops to cross imaginary lines in the sand. For example here in Thailand I have to take a 6 hour bus ride to the Malaysian border every 3 months, cross over a line, only to come all the way back again because somebody in a dark suit decided that piece of Earth was somehow different and belonged to someone else. What they have done is get people feeling so tribal over ‘THEIR’ territory down the centuries so it then creates a ‘divide and rule’ situation. They have now opened all the borders to wind everybody up, so its easier to control the population as people run around blaming everyone else other than the governments that caused the issues in the first place.


The idea that someone else has the right to rule over you just because they either work in a place called ‘government’, were born with a silver spoon in their mouth and into a certain bloodline, or they wear a fancy dress costume like a police outfit. How we have managed to fall for this one for so many centuries beggars belief. Nobody owns you, nobody can make decisions about your life, and nobody can tell you what you can and cannot do. As long as you live by the only law we should be living by which is Universal ‘Natural Law’ (cause no harm or loss to other beings) then every other man-made law is null and void. Until we realise this truth we will never be TRULY free.


Going to gawp at caged animals who want their freedom just like we do is beyond insane. Staring at gorillas who need acres of jungle, lions who need vast amounts of plains, and killer whales who can swim up to 100 miles a day in tiny pens and swimming pools is insanely cruel and bizarre to say the least. Add to the fact that quite often they are made to perform tricks, jump through hoops, or aerial somersaults with humans standing on their noses, is it any wonder that sometimes they lose their rag and somebody gets hurt or killed? Then what do we do? We shoot them. Same goes for farm animals, they have a soul and feelings just like the more so-called ‘exotic’ species. No animals deserve to be mistreated or killed for humans, we don’t need to eat them and we can watch them from afar and give them the respect they deserve.


This was a no-brainer for me, let me start by saying that there are very good hidden messages and allegories within some religious texts. I’m not throwing the baby out with the bathwater here. But the sheer insanity is that people have taken all this stuff LITERALLY it really must have the rest of creation crying with laughter into their cosmic cornflakes! Im not singling one out here, they are ALL batshit crazy. To think there are people in this World that believe there was a man who rounded up 2 sets of EVERY species on Earth onto a boat is beyond insane. Then I wonder how narcissistic and unkind is this God? A deity that is so insecure that he sends people to HELL or HELLFIRE if you do not worship him! An all-powerful being who expects people to wake up at 4am to pray to him. Would a God really expect you to worship him/her? Surely as a God you would be pretty secure in yourself and you wouldn’t want praise? Religions are based on astrotheology and were created by man to cause division, and to keep people looking outside themselves for a leader or savior. The quicker it all goes away the better for us all. Its mind control and its holding us all back. To combat this madness I recently made a vlog on 10 ways to escape the Matrix which you can watch at the bottom of this page.

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