Why You Should Stop Caring About What People Think About You.

What people think about you is none of your business.
Sounds like common sense right? It’s not always as easy as that but there are many reasons why you should stop caring about what people think about you today.
Lets face it most humans want to be accepted by the majority, nobody wants to feel outcasted, its just who we are as a species right? But is it? What if caring about what people think about us is just there to be transcended? This is how I view this, its just yet another age-old bad habit that if we can overcome, will move us forward a notch in our evolution both on an individual and collective basis.

See when we talk about freedom, (which so many of us now are searching for and advocating) what is the point of being free from government control if you are not free from your own mental prison of obsessing what your aunt, nan, teacher, and the stranger you met once in Tesco’s thinks about you? Isn’t it bordering on the hypocritical? Now don’t get me wrong I am not for one minute saying that it is easy, I for one spent years doing the same thing, I was under the same mental bondage as others.

As I discuss in the video below, many of us have hardships and unhealed trauma from our inner child which need to be addressed, these can hold us back somewhat from speaking our truth and becoming our authentic selves, but a lot of the time it boils down to one thing which is courage. Let’s be honest its safe to stay in the comfort zone, to not unsettle the applecart, to agree with everyone for an ‘easy life’. But the easy life doesn’t always equate to an authentic life which is surely the goal for everyone?

You will never in a million years be able to please everyone and why the hell would you want to anyway? The absolute garbage a vast majority of humanity actually beLIEve in is not only toxic not only to themselves, but to others, and the Planet! Why would you want to impress or be part of a crowd that is so lost, shows zero discernment over anything, and gets their lowdown on World events from a black box in the corner of their living room? Take me far away from that crowd please!

I said this week that we are all so gifted in our own individual ways, we were created to express these gifts unapologetically and without shame. NOBODY is created like you are and for good reason. So why would you want to shy away from who you REALLY are? See this is the other thing with society again as I mention in the video, we like to police each other. Anyone putting their head above the proverbial parapet is quickly stamped upon by the rest of the crowd. We don’t like success and we dont seem to like confidence either, certainly not in the Uk at least anyway.

You only have to look at fashion, the idea that it is somehow ‘cool’ to look EXACTLY like somebody else! Surely that defeats the whole object of being part of a species made up of a smorgasbord of individuals, cultures, and ethnicities? Yeah lets all look the same, what a great idea! Be PROUD to be you, be BOLD in the way you express yourself, and remember your own brilliance lying dormant within your being. Remember this folks, if you have no haters in life then you may be floating around in your comfort zone. Haters means you are making a stand, speaking your truth, expressing your authenticity, everything society dispises! Release your mind, and unleash your spirit onto the World, don’t get to your death bed with your gift box unopened because you were worried about others would think.

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Why You Should Stop Caring About What People Think Of You by Tony Sayers.