Spiritual Bypassing in the New Age Movement.

Spiritual bypassing in the ‘New Age’ movement has become a real issue

Now I would consider myself as someone who is spiritual, I feel strongly that there is a higher essence or creative aspect to reality, whether you want to call that the Universe or God doesn’t really matter. Certainly not in a Religious context which was designed by man to keep us away from connecting what we all surely have within, a spark of creation. The spiritual bypassing of the new age movement needs to be called out because in actual fact it is damaging people in many ways by preventing TRUE healing.

What I do see though is that the whole scene or ‘New Age movement’ is set up all fluffy and light, where everything is positive and no negativity exists anywhere even in your shadow self. A place where a bit of yoga and a gong bath will blow away years of unhealed trauma. Now I’m not saying that these modalities don’t have their uses but what I am saying is that they do little to delve into your subconscious and heal the inner child who is waiting patiently for most of us.

The truth is the New Age movement (or new cage) attracts damaged folk like moths to a light. Lets be honest who wouldn’t want to escape this absolute mental asylum of a World to a place with angels and flying unicorns? I get it totally. But ultimately it is not helping that person or the World as a whole. Unfortunately a whole dose of ‘love n light’ is just plastering over the cracks.

Then you have these people that are now addicted to plant medicines, where a trip to the Amazon is now like a pilgrimage to Mecca. Take a cup of Ayahuasca with a shaman who went on a 2 week training course in London and your betrayal and abandonment wounds will heal overnight! You know what oftentimes it has the exact opposite effect.  I deal with many a client that has gone to take some jungle juice only to reopen old wounds and feels worse, along with opening themselves up spiritually for a whole host of entity attachments to invade!

Again Im not saying that its all bad, or even that you can’t have useful experiences. But these things are not the answer. REAL healing takes months, maybe even years for some. It takes hardcore dedication, tears, pain, and a relentless will to get THROUGH to the other side. This is why most people don’t want to do it. They want to sit there in lotus and hope it will all drift away, which is the classic spiritual bypass.

Please don’t be one of these people, by all means use these methods but don’t rely on them to plaster over your wounds. Do the necessary work, even though its hard it is so incredibly worth it in the end. TRUE and AUTHENTIC joy and happiness can come from facing the ‘dark night of the soul’ don’t sell yourself short. Below is a short video relating to delving into the inner child and the subconscious mind, and how very important it is that we actually reach the root cause of what drives our behavior.

Tony Sayers,
Love, care, courage

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Spiritual Bypassing in the New Age Movement.

by Tony Sayers.

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