The Love of Authority- Why People are Scared of their own Sovereignty.

The love of authority couldn’t have been epitomised more than at this weekends Royal wedding.

I said on Facebook that I thought it was a good barometer in terms of where our level of consciousness is at as a species, and although there are many of us that want to push forward above and beyond this condition of servitude and the whole dynamics of the master and slave relationship, there seems to be twice as many at least who want to keep bootlicking their owners, who quite frankly must be laughing at us all around their banquet tables! They must have been choking on their caviar watching the peasants love of authority play out.

The backlash to a vlog I made about people celebrating the Royal wedding in my home Country (the terrorist State that is the UK) was, if it wasn’t so tragic, quite hilarious! The levels of abuse aimed at me just for speaking my mind against at the least very questionable people, really showed just how folk will fight tooth and nail for the very people that make their lives so difficult. (I will attach the video at the bottom of this blog for those who may have missed it).

Quite frankly when I see this hero worship going on from millions of people with the roads lined with flag wavers, and street parties being thrown, I feel such a deep level of embarrassment about being human. The reason is that I KNOW we are we are so much more than this. I feel deep down this species has such potential and greatness within if we would only become aware of the amnesic state we have fallen into.

I know that part of the problem is fear, people are literally scared of their own sovereignty, they are scared that if the State/government/monarchy is not there for them, then who will wipe their backsides for them? Could it be that they may have to take responsibility for their own lives? I feel also it is because at some level people are scared and unsure of stepping into their own power. We have been dictated to and pushed around for so long maybe it is engrained in our DNA to be submissive?

Also people relate authority to safety, when in reality it couldn’t be less safe! Take the UK for example, in a constant state of perpetual War in faraway lands we have no right to be in, austerity, the streets are lined with homeless people, and an establishment entrenched in paeodophillia, tax evasion, and violence. Where is the actual safety here I ask myself?


There are only two expressions of consciousness love and fear. An unwavering belief in authority and control is entrenched in the vibration of fear. Fear is cowardice, it seeks to hide, follow the crowd for an ‘easy life’. It will accept any kind of injustice because the self-love has long since gone and that means there is no self respect. People who want freedom love themselves, at least to a certain level. because they don’t want control and to be bullied around.


Ask yourself what energy you are in? Are you in a state of fear, or love? If it is fear then remember who you are. You are powerful, deep down you know it, you just need to reconnect with that part of which you have forgotten.

Tony Sayers,
Love, care, courage


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The Love of Authority- Why People are Scared of their own Sovereignty.

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