The Importance of Healing the Inner Child

Why is it so important to heal your inner child?

What can healing the inner child bring to our lives?

I have been on a huge journey the past 2 years, it has been the most transformational of my life. Down the paths of both self-healing and energy work has really helped me see the bigger picture in this whole Matrix game, and that is often times the biggest battles are with ourselves and more importantly, any long-term changes and any healing of the World will only come when we heal ourselves. The Universal Law of correspondence dictates ‘as above, so below’ Is it any wonder the World is in so much pain and suffering when many of us are as individuals? To raise our vibration and to get in touch with our core essence means essentially we move beyond the game. Of course, there are many manipulations that need to be worked through on both the surface level and in the etheric, and I am not for one second propagating the whole ‘New Age’ idea of ignoring everything that is negative and just focusing on ourselves. No, this inner work needs to be done in TANDEM with helping others. To heal your inner child is to me the ultimate expression of self-love, and to put it bluntly without which we are never going to become a truly whole and balanced person, constantly having our parts triggered by others lashing out at unhealed wounds, even if this on a subconscious level.

In the video below I outline the many reasons as to why healing that little boy or girl that has been crying out for your attention for years is so pivotal to your own future happiness. We are ALL wounded to different degrees, I used to think I was ok, yeah I had a few things happen to me but nothing major ( I thought) compared to others. That’s life right? WRONG you will attract people, circumstances, situations into your life based on your unhealed parts. You will go through life being triggered by your unhealed parts, and you will look to others to try and heal those unhealed parts which of course no partner, family member, or spouse could ever do, and ultimately it is unfair to expect them to. Surely its time to sort our shit out that has been holding us back all our lives? We deserve to be happy, fulfilled, and have the very best relationships.

This work has been so powerful for me I decided I wanted to help others too, I am far less triggered and reactive, I care much less about what people think about me and feel secure in my own skin, and although the healing never really ends as such I feel secure knowing that I will attract better relationships, and can show up as my best version in them not projecting my childhood wounds and fears.  I was delighted to complete the psychotherapy course which I hope will empower others and help them work past the aspects of themselves that are holding them back, and at the same time reconnect with more of their true essence. The video I made recently explains in more detail all aspects of this work and how it can be beneficial. If you’re interested in a session please contact me directly at my email address [email protected].

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The Importance of Healing the Inner Child by Tony Sayers.