The Importance of Protecting your Energy and the ‘Alien Love Bite’

In these increasingly hostile times protecting your energy and vibration should be paramount.

But what are we protecting our energy from exactly and why?

Now, this isn’t scaremongering this is just realising that we are involved in all-out spiritual warfare.

It’s important to understand that human energy, particularly lower vibration emotions like fear, anger, and stress are basically FOOD for entities, attachments, and parasitic forces just outside of our visible sight. There is a very good reason that this Planet exists in the constant state of fear it does, and that is because these parasitic energies need it to exist. I won’t be the first person to speak of these issues, and I certainly won’t be the last, these entities have had many names throughout history and many references most notably demons, flyers, and jinn. These have the ability to heavily influence a persons behavior, belief systems, or ultimately if the person has been traumatized enough, or has allowed themselves to become so ‘off centre’ maybe through alcohol or drug abuse, can either partially or fully take over a person. If you don’t believe me then just type into Youtube ‘Flacca drug’. Here you basically see what is essentially a full demonic takeover where the person even seems to develop superhuman strengths! To protect your energy efficiently really does mean questioning everything that we have just accepted as normal human behavior.

Now, of course, that is an extreme example but you can scale that down to alcohol, look at the word ‘spirits’ and drinking ‘gin’! The same spirits that can invade your body when you’re off your center? Or could it be the Jinn as mentioned above? Absolutely I would say, indeed the word ‘alcohol’ is said to come from the Arabic term ‘Al Khul’ which means body eating spirit! Makes you then wonder why alcohol is so readily available and advertised everywhere, there has to be a regular feeding time for the parasites! I talk about it in further detail here

[/fusion_youtube] I’m not just talking about alcohol that opens you up to these outside forces, this won’t be popular but I’m talking about things like factory made DMT, fashionable plant medicines that aren’t being performed by proper Shamans and without the right integrity and intentions like Ayahuasca, I’m talking heavy weed smoking, which like it or not does lower your vibration (something which I had to really come to terms with myself) I’m not doubting the medicinal benefits here by the way which are not in doubt, I’m talking about smoking it all the time. Pharmaceutical drugs do a great job of lowering our vibrations. These can all open you up. Sleeping around, watching porn is all low vibrational, where you can become corded with the other person to the point where you get to share each other’s entities and karma! Why do you think this highly promiscuous sexual society is propagated everywhere? I know it’s not what people want to hear but it needs to be said. We all want to feel like we can do whatever we want, and we can no doubt, we still have an element of free will. What I am saying is be aware and protect your energy. I am talking from EXPERIENCE of having worked on people who have come to me, I have seen these things in people’s eyes, and their behavior. The attachments severity can be varying, some just hold us back in life constantly looping fear and anxiety back into us via the chakras which are false white light. Some are more severe and can even make us feel suicidal.

Now things can really take a twist when you are someone on the path of truth and justice and try to make a difference in the World. As I said earlier we are in all out SPIRITUAL WARFARE. If you believe that this is all just playing out in the 3rd-dimensional physical reality then you only really have half the picture, as above so below, what is happening here is already going on in 4D. What I am saying is that these entities are upping their game. They know people are waking up and the last thing they want is for us to move towards the condition of love and harmony. Why? NO FOOD. It’s too high a vibration for them, so you can bet your bottom dollar they will be throwing a spanner in the works of anyone who is trying to nudge humanity along towards that very condition. What am I talking about here? Well, ladies and gentlemen allow me to introduce you to the World of the “Alien Love Bite’! In a nutshell what I am talking about here is where someone comes into your life and appears, on the surface at least, to be everything you ever wanted. There is a resonance and a feeling like you have met ‘the one’ almost, then as time goes by you start to see subtle changes in that person, and not good ones at that, until a few months in you are now dealing with a complete narcissist, sociopath, or even psychopath who throws your life into utter upset and turmoil! Completely taking you off your path, or trying to at least where you become so disillusioned it can take months or even years to fully recover!  This isn’t just a normal breakup, I mean if you try and break up with a love bite be prepared for smear campaigns, your name to be trashed, or just a complete annihilation of your character and work. Why? Because that was their very role to begin with. They were so toxic inside that these parasitic forces were pulling their strings. They never wanted you as such, they wanted YOU off your path. Below is the wonderful Eve Lorgen where I first heard of this concept.

[/fusion_youtube] I’m just really urging people to be cautious, nobody is perfect and we all like to dabble in the dark side with things occasionally, but I’m trying to get across that things are being ramped up, especially for those of us trying to walk a higher path. If we can get to the root and cut off their food supply then we stand a much better chance of taking down the 3D reality too.

Have a great weekend.

Tony Sayers

Love, care, courage.

Author of the book ‘Are you living or just existing?

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The Importance of protecting your energy and the ‘alien love bite’ by Tony Sayers.