The Destruction of the Divine Feminine and Sacred Masculine energies.

True innate masculine and feminine energy is dying in society.

There are many reasons for this, and it is so vitally important we rediscover these qualities before it is too late.

So what do we mean when we talk about masculine and feminine energy in the first place? Let me just say that both men and women possess the qualities of both the divine feminine and the sacred masculine. There are times where men can be in touch with their feminine side and times when women can be in their masculine. I’m not talking about stereotypical mainstream views of what is masculine or feminine either i.e men go around beating their chests whilst women are chained to the kitchen sink, those are skewed ideas to the extreme.  To define the sacred masculine energy we are talking about drive, purpose, standing up for what is right, protecting the vulnerable, particularly the women and children if they are in any danger, and about taking action. Divine feminine energy is about nurturing, creation, and birthing care and compassion into the World.

Now the issue at hand here is that we have a population of people inverted in their natural energies MOST of the time. The lines have been muddied so badly, and that’s without the constant bombardment regarding transgenderism, non-binary, and now even trans-animals, where if you want you can identify yourself as a dog, rabbit, or even a dolphin! Talk to many men and you will find a lot of frustration surrounding females these days, hard-nosed, bitchy, unapproachable are just some of the terms I have heard banded around. Of course, I am not talking about ALL women here there are also large numbers that are not like this and still in touch with their femininity especially within the truth-seeking and conscious communities. What I am talking about here is an alarming upward trend that seems to be out of control looking at the population as a whole.

Of course, it’s not just men who are frustrated either, the women are too. Many men are not in their masculine so women do not feel safe to allow themselves to open up to receive men fully which is part of what feminine energy is all about. Think about the very act of sex, what does the women do when she feels loved and safe? She opens up to receive the man, literally! Men are so way out of their masculine these days it’s sad. Look around at what is happening in the World, poisons being added to our food and water, aluminum and barium being sprayed down from the skies via chemtrails onto our children, the list goes on. Very few men are putting up a resistance to this, and I know many who know what is going on who have children and grandchildren but choose to do nothing. Sometimes I even find it a bit embarrassing being a man these days looking at what we have become, hassling women with dick pictures before they’ve even said hello, only concerned about other men kicking a ball around a park as the World descends into chaos. Where did our courage go? When did we stop looking after our own? Are we that consumed by fear in terms of what our mothers, friends, bosses, or government think of us? We should do what is right REGARDLESS because that is what masculine energy is about. Drive, mission, and purpose. Once enough of us recapture that of which we have lost it can change the game. Men and women need to rediscover again what they are at their core being.

sacred masculine and divine feminine

The love and nurturing energy of the divine feminine is vital to change,  I believe if females can rediscover this in their droves they will literally be able to birth a new paradigm into creation. I feel with the cradle of the masculine energy holding and protecting that, a new World of unconditional love and care can begin. This ultimately for me is why so much is being done right now to muddy the lines. I feel those who pull the strings, the dark occultists behind the scenes, they KNOW this to be the case. Consciousness is rising, and whilst many are falling by the wayside in this respect many are starting to wake up from the amnesia to rediscover their true essence.

This muddying of the lines is being done both overtly and covertly. This new wave of feminism has women completely out of their feminine energy, even to the point where many even start to hate on men. It’s social conditioning at its finest, the first wave of feminism being so they could tax the other half of the population and start the break up of the family unit of course. Don’t get me wrong the way females have been treated throughout history has been wrong, and now even today they are presented as just mere objects men can fuck through the media and pornography. This is very wrong and again as men, we have to take responsibility in that we have been part of that and own it.

The all-out attack on the sacred masculine energy is endless. Have you seen the latest fashion walks? Men walking down catwalks in dresses and heels? Also, there are huge amounts of estrogen (the female hormone) being added to the food, water, alcohol, and it’s in plastic which is used all the time. Men are consuming huge amounts of this literally messing with their own DNA and hormones and slowly turning them away from their own innate energies. They are saying now that a pregnant woman is consuming so much estrogen that a boy in the womb of the mother has a high possibility of being born with the tendencies of a female. This is not scaremongering this is going on under our noses and nobody is calling it out. Where did all this transgenderism suddenly spring from? Its everywhere now. Confusing children who were not confused before. Its become a fad, it’s now cool to be transgender and nonbinary. Celebrities becoming transgender and then their children, pushing it down our throats and that of our children. It’s not right, and it’s all one big mechanism of control because if you knock out the male and the female energy then controlling a population of confused energies is an absolute doddle. They don’t want the men standing up and causing a resistance to their constant wars, corruption, and tax evasion, they want the men to stand down like the cowards they have become. They don’t want the love, care, and nurture of the divine feminine, they want people not giving a shit at what they’re doing so nothing will stand in their way. It’s not like this by chance it’s like this by design and until we understand this on an energetic and spiritual level we will continue to be led a merry path towards more control and domination.

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Tony Sayers

Love, care, courage.

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The destruction of the Divine Feminine and Sacred Masculine energies.

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