Entity Attachments- The Manipulation From The Unseen.

So how would you know if you had an entity attachment and just what on Earth does this even mean?

The general population of this Planet beLIEves that the physical is all that exists here. That everything we can see are the only things that exist. This is a falsehood straight away because humans are basically blind as to what is out there, we can only see the tiniest bandwidth on the visible spectrum which we call visible light. Essentially we are almost blind.

This is an important understanding because if we are almost blind then what else is out there going on within the same space? It really opens the doors to ALL possibilities. As I describe in the video below, this 3rd dimension in which we dwell is meshing with the 4th dimension and everything that exists there, and it is teeming with different forms of consciousness!

Unfortunately, a lot of which exists there is parasitic in nature. It wants to take and steal energy because that is how it survives. The lower vibration the better. Fear, anxiety, suffering, low vibrational sexual energy and anger is its caviar. Is it then such a coincidence that we live in a World where we are surrounded by this all the time? The reason is that this World NEEDS to be in those distorted frequencies for these vampires in 4D to survive. We are their food!

These distorted forms of consciousness can take many forms and many of which have been spoken about all throughout human history. Reptillians, draconians, demiurge, archons, flyers, interdimensionals and the jinn. The list goes on. As a species we need to come to the understanding that we are SHARING this space with a multitude of other forms of energies.

These entities can attach to humans in a multitude amounts of ways which I go through in the video. Some of which are through trauma, being around a toxic person or taking drugs and alcohol. Also through sex which basically opens up an energetic portal (it can, after all, create life). But if the sexual connection is promiscuous, or drug or alcohol induced then you really are ‘dancing with the devil’ in terms of lower vibrational attachments coming in. This is not to mention that we then become energetically ‘corded’ to that person for life (unless we do some kind of energetic clearing or cord cutting).

entity attachments

Most humans will have at least some attachments because we are not living our lives in a conscious way. We are not told how drugs, alcohol, pharmaceuticals, sex and more can leave ourselves open to these bottom feeders. But we need to start exploring and opening our minds to the fact that these ancient texts, energy healers, and conspiracy theorists might actually have a point!

There are many signs of attachments again which I go into in the video. Feeling suddenly drained or drained all the time, suicidal thoughts, voices that don’t appear to be your own, and negative mind loops could all be a sign of energetic attachments. During my own clearing sessions which you can find out more about here https://transcendingtimes.org/entity-alien-technology-and-interdimensional-removal/ there is a direct correlation with the level of trauma in a person and energetic attachments. The more extreme the trauma the more extreme attachments in my experience.

It’s important not to approach these topics with fear, the whole reason this has been kept a secret is because that is how they thrive. In the shadows and undetected. We have been deceived on many levels and have not been told the truth about anything. Through knowledge we can both shield and protect ourselves and innerstand what is required to move forward and evolve past this parasitic environment.

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Entity Attachments- The Manipulation From The Unseen. By Tony Sayers.