Calling Out The New Age Deception

Calling out the New Age deception is not at all popular, I mean who doesn’t want to believe the World is all ‘love and light’?

I certainly don’t have anything against this love and light philosophy but the point is can we sort out our own problems and that of the World first? This new wave of fake positivity in the pseudo-spirituality scene really does grind my gears. Everything is simply just not ok right now, there are many many shadows we need to face head-on before we all ride off into the sunset on our golden unicorns.

As I talk about in the video below, this current version of distorted spirituality is only helping to ensure that this Planet and its inhabitants REMAIN as slaves to the small 1% who pull the strings. The New Age is a dictatorships dream (exactly why it was created as such)! What better way to keep people passive and docile about the chains around their ankles by promoting ideologies such as ‘ignore the negative or you draw more in’ and ‘never get angry’.

I don’t know about you but people who buy into such claptrap are nothing more than cowardice. There is nothing ‘spiritual’ about ignoring the homeless, people in war-torn countries or anyone else who is a victim of this Orwellian World we currently exist in. TRUE spirituality for me is about having the courage to face these things head on, standing up for the innocent in society and saying no to authority. Not taking a few yoga pictures of yourself by the ocean and uploading them to Instagram! There is also nothing wrong with being a little angry about such horrors going on in our World either.

To say that we ‘draw more negativity in’ is the biggest load of drivel I have ever heard and has come directly from dark Luciferian doctrines just like all the other religions that were created to control the human population. WHAT YOU RESIST PERSISTS you wouldn’t leave an open wound without tendering to it. Same applies here. The very reason history keeps on repeating itself is BECAUSE we avoid taking responsibility for what we have allowed to be created.

There is also so much promotion of getting people to look outside themselves for a savior, again just like all the other religions. Why take any personal responsibility when the Pleidians or the Galactic Federation Of Light are coming down to save us? I look at some of these groups on Facebook 80,000-100,000 members in some cases. Swarms of people who are giving away their own sovereignty and personal power away. Thousands of people abstaining their responsibility to the World by a huge dollop of spiritual bypassing and avoidance.

I understand why people look for a form of escapism or for a savior, many people are traumatised and damaged from their childhood, or they look around at the World and feel scared. But it’s not the answer. TRUE healing and growth come from facing the dark night of the soul, individually and collectively. Nobody is coming to save you and nobody is coming to save us. We have to do that work ourselves.

I have just written a book called ‘New Age Is The New Cage’ which if you’re interested, you can just click on the image below, where I go into this in much more depth about the many cul de sacs of modern so-called spirituality. I honestly feel its time that we snapped out of yet another amnesic state we have got ourselves into.

I have seen many a spiritual warrior get lost and lose their cajones in a sea of angels, fairy dust and false white light. It has been coined ‘the last honeytrap before the goldmine’ and for good reason. Humanity is in this current situation because we were tricked going back to Atlantian times by the false white light, we were deceived and offered technology. Its history repeating itself again and many are dazzled by the false light.

This whole scene is just one big plaster covering up huge issues that need to be dealt with individually and collectively. At its core, its DESIGNED to keep us in servitude to the parasites in 3D and 4D who siphon human energy like batteries. So please use your discernment when giving your power away is all that I am saying.

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Tony Sayers

Love, care, courage.

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Calling Out The New Age Deception by Tony Sayers.