What Are Timeline Portals?

So what are timeline portals exactly? There seems to be a lot of confusion over the subject, so let’s explore.

We are indoctrinated from childhood to beLIEve that time is linear, the truth is that the past, present, and future are all happening simultaneously at the same time. There is a version of you as your absolute best version, in your power, and true authenticity. On the flip side, there is a lesser version of you just waiting to level up. How encouraging it is to know that the greatest version of you already exists!

The question is how do we get there and the answer is multifaceted. Firstly we have to take massive action, engage our willpower, and perhaps make some sacrifices in order to push the needle forward. Then there is the subconscious or inner child work that needs to be done which will stop us from drawing in the same old experiences and people into our lives.

Add to that we also have these timeline portals or windows of opportunities, and these windows are not open for an infinite amount of time, they can be missed. It doesn’t mean that they won’t come up again, it just might mean we have to experience again more old patterns in our lives until the next window comes around and we learn our lessons.  How many times have you felt like you missed an opportunity and then go back to repeat the same old experiences, I certainly know I have! The Gwyneth Paltrow film ‘Sliding Doors’ perfectly depicts this process.

As I explain in the video below, timeline portals also apply to the collective and there is no doubt we are in massively changing times right now. Humanity is at a crossroads in this ‘Age of Aquarius’ do we step up and raise the bar and our collective consciousness, or do we carry on down our current path of self-destruction and destruction of the Planet? This window will also not be open forever.

Understanding that we have these timeline portals is empowering in itself as we then have the ability to make the most of the situations as and when they arise. Sometimes they may even appear as something quite uncomfortable, but ultimately having the courage to step outside of your comfort zone might push the needle closer to your greatest version.

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What Are Timeline Portals? By Tony Sayers.